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Matillion ETL for Delta Lake On Databricks | Launch Product Demo

With the arrival of Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks, data professionals across the organization can now leverage visually designed data transformations to build their lakehouse architecture and share data in a unified environment.

Matillion is unique in its ability to not only source data from myriad sources, but also transform that data into an analytic-ready structure on top of Delta Lake and ready for use in Databricks SQL. It’s the perfect marriage of data ingestion and transformation that paves the way for unifying powerful machine learning, data science, BI and SQL across an organization. Better data integration leads to better insights and impactful business decisions. Using Matillion ETL’s graphical user interface, data professionals of all technical abilities can transform data quickly and easily for data science and machine learning, leveraging the power and scalability of the Delta Engine. 

Matillion specifically harnesses the power of the Delta Lake and the Delta Engine via platform-specific pushdown instruction sets. By combining the two technologies, repeatedly refreshing both datasets, and the machine learning models they support, building insights in Databricks has never been easier.