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Weekly Matillion Data Productivity Cloud Demo

Data Productivity Cloud Demo

Duration: 30 min

Experience the power of our cloud platform through a captivating demonstration, showcasing its versatility and remarkable features. Seamlessly integrate your data with ease using the user-friendly Data Productivity Cloud Designer and Matillion Hosted Agent, unlocking its untapped potential and elevating productivity.

AI Feature Demo

Duration: 30 min

Integrating generative AI into data integration unlocks vast possibilities for teams, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and analysis methods. Join us to discover how Matillion's integration of generative AI in the Data Productivity Cloud accesses untapped datasets, streamlines pipeline development, and provides impactful insights, boosting team efficiency like never before.

On - Demand | AI Launch Demos

Duration: 30 min

Check out what you missed at our AI Product Launch, we demonstrated new features like auto-documentation, prompt components, and RAG components showcasing how to build, manage, and fine-tune data pipelines, for AI and analytics, at scale as well as produce your own secure and operationally sound AI applications.

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