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Match the speed and scale of your data demands

Accelerate your data work and build pipelines faster to deliver business-ready data, with as much or as little code as you like.

Trusted by the world’s best data teams

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A unified platform to build pipelines and deliver data at unlimited scale

Matillion is the productivity platform for data teams. It makes data work more productive by empowering coders and non-coders alike to move, transform, and orchestrate data pipelines, faster. Easily scale users and projects; with clear pricing that only charges you for what you use.

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Build and manage pipelines, powered by AI

Put generative AI at the center of your data work. Be among the first to see Matillion’s game-changing capabilities in action:

  • Integrate your preferred large language model (LLM) directly into your pipelines.
  • Use plain language prompts to build complex data pipelines quickly.
  • Connect to and load Vector databases to feed your own LLMs and AI models.
  • Automatically generate documentation to ease pipeline management and increase data literacy.

Move, transform and orchestrate quickly and easily with instant deployment

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    Move data easily to and from any source or cloud data platform

    Use our library of hundreds of connectors (or easily build your own) and load data faster to meet growing business demands.

    move data
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    Build pipelines and perform ELT without the need to code

    Harness all your data and perform complex transformations quickly and easily for use in analytics, using our visual, low-code designer.

    transform data
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    Simplify and scale the orchestration of data pipelines

    Automate, schedule, and see all of your data pipelines – from no-code to SQL, python, and dbt – all through a single pane of glass.

    Orchestrate data
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Quick and easy set up

Instantly set up and build your first pipeline in minutes.


Connect to any data source with our 100s of connectors or build your own with just a few clicks

why choose matillion

Matillion is specifically designed to make all data work productive

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Built for everyone on your data team

  • Code-optional platform that caters to a wide range of abilities.
  • Handles both simple and complex data tasks.
  • Intuitive interface that scales easily and make collaboration easier.
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Extend and enhance your data stack

  • Tightly integrates with the tech you already use.
  • Streamlines data processes to save time and costs.
  • Provides observability across all pipelines through a single pane.
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Ready for the future of data and your business

  • Innovation and collaboration features supported by Git.
  • Deploys flexibly with SaaS and hybrid options.
  • Designed to work at scale with FinOps to support data growth.

Boosting productivity for data teams globally

Enterprises large and small supercharge their productivity with Matillion.

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I genuinely believe T is in the ETL process is where Matillion scores. The Transformation part. Getting data to a point is cool, but then transforming it and then having business impact, that's the star. Hoshang Chenoy Principal Marketing Intelligence Scientist | Cisco Meraki
  • 1000t

    rows of data

    downloaded in 15 minutes

  • 46X


    on campaigns

  • Get


    time back

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For anybody in this space, Matillion is a breath of fresh air given legacy solutions. Businesses could see a significant acceleration of projects, ETL performance, and reduction in operating expenses. Rob Parker Senior Director of Business Intelligence | Docusign
  • Reduced


    jobs from over 22 hours to just 6 hours

  • Minutes

    to launch with

    entire infrastructure running in Matillion in 2 days

  • Rapidly

    onboarded team

    which became proficient in Matillion in less than 14 days

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Building that single source of truth is only possible if you bring the right data, from the right sources, and have the confidence that this data is 100% quality-rich. Pavan Yerra Senior Director | Western Union
  • Single

    source of truth

    for customer insights

  • 100%

    quality rich data

    flowing seamlessly into Snowflake

  • Accurate

    data from

    day 1 onwards

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Built for cloud data platforms

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Speed, performance, and scalability of Snowflake with native integration of key features and functions.

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Reliability, governance, and performance, combined with the openness, flexibility, and AI/ML support of a lakehouse.

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Amazon Redshift

Maximize the performance, cost, and scalability of your Amazon Redshift deployment.

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Logo synapse analytics

Microsoft Azure Synapse

Build out an entire data analytics platform with Azure Synapse and take full advantage of the cloud.

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Google bigquery icon

Google BigQuery

Take advantage of BigQuery’s ease of use and accelerate insights with Matillion’s low-code/no-code data integration platform.

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Powered by PipelineOS

The core of our platform that leverages stateless microservice agents to execute pipelines for data movement and transformation at unlimited scale across infinite users and projects; letting you harness the full push-down architecture of your cloud data platform, without losing control of costs.

Awards and Recognition

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Recognized in Gartner MQ 2022

Top rated 2023

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Precisely Named by CRN in its 2023 Big Data 100 List 1280x685 5

CRN 2023 Big Data 100

Breakthrough Award

2023 Data Breakthrough Award