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2022 Rising Star Partner of the Year: Why Matillion and Collibra deliver

  Understanding and improving data quality will give you access to trusted data – the kind that will enable you to make truly insight-driven business decisions. We know how important a role data can play in the success of your business, so we want every business to have the tools to harness quality data and get as much value from it as possible. It's why we’re delighted to be named Collibra’s Rising Star Partner of the Year for 2022. Matillion and Collibra can help organizations get more value from their data faster – and save a lot of potential hassle down the line. 

Use automation to gain trusted, governed data

As data volumes continue to increase, automation is vital to harnessing it. When done right, it can also help you ensure the data you have available is of the highest quality. With the right tools, you can include automatic testing and quality assurance early on in your data pipeline, so you know data is trusted when you come to use it. Metadata, for example, has huge value when harnessed, but doing so can take your engineers a great deal of time. By incorporating metadata into frameworks, it can be automatically extracted. And implementing PII compliance and data governance during the automation stage will ensure your organization has access to trusted metadata, with minimal manual effort. 

Matillion and Collibra: the partnership for full visibility

By using Matillion and Collibra together you can get visibility and control over your entire data landscape – to govern your data better and unlock it for use across the whole of your business. Collibra ingests the data from Matillion ETL transformation jobs and connects it to create a complete view of data lineage. With full visibility, you can understand the transformations that have been applied to the data at every stage and comprehensively analyze the impact of database changes on your systems. And by using Matillion and Collibra across your entire organization, you can start breaking down silos, enable cross-team data collaboration, and make better business-wide decisions informed by trusted insights.

Unlock enterprise-wide insight you can trust

Many organizations are already seeing the benefits of integrating Matillion and Collibra. The increased visibility supports risk management, regulatory reporting, PII compliance, and role-based policy enforcement. And a clear, enterprise-wide data view makes it easier to maintain this visibility and increases control across all clouds and regions. Unlocking data from silos helps improve the management, quality, and ease of finding the right data at the right time and with the right context. Enabling data democratization with a scalable cloud platform also fosters self-service analytics for accelerated insights that can be controlled and scaled across the enterprise. And with full visibility into data lineage, users can be confident their data is predefined, preapproved, and trustworthy.

Start your journey to more meaningful data

With the right tools and automation, trusted data can transform the way you make strategic business decisions. It can give you insight into your processes, and help you optimize your productivity. If you want to get more value from your data and see the benefits of a Matillion and Collibra integration for yourself, sign up for a demo today.
Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado