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5 Tips for Automating, Scaling, and Simplifying Orchestration

Ensuring your data team has the tools it needs to scale infinitely without pressuring resources or compromising on security, governance or data quality is paramount. In this blog post, we’ll explore five practical tips to help you identify the right platform for streamlining your data pipelines by automating, scaling, and simplifying orchestration.


Tip 1: Leverage Business Logic Orchestration

When building data pipelines, consider an orchestration layer that ties all the steps together, regardless of their complexity. This enables you to iterate over variables and rows in tables, allowing for the implementation of sophisticated business logic even by code-flexible teams. Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud provides a unified platform that simplifies orchestration and control of ELT processes, both within Matillion and external to it. This unified approach streamlines your data workflows and ensures seamless end-to-end pipeline execution.

Tip 2: Foster Collaboration Across Projects

Data teams often work on multiple projects simultaneously, and enabling collaboration among practitioners is essential. Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud allows unlimited users across a single instance, empowering multiple practitioners to collaborate effectively, providing a centralized hub for sharing resources, best practices, and insights. This collaborative environment enhances productivity and encourages knowledge sharing among team members.

Tip 3: Gain Observability with Real-Time Monitoring

To ensure smooth operation and prompt issue resolution, it's crucial to have a comprehensive view of your data pipelines. Choose a platform that offers real-time synchronization of your pipelines and allows you to monitor all activity in a single dashboard. For example: with a single click, you can access the Matillion ETL task log, enabling you to diagnose and address problems swiftly.

Tip 4: Effortless Scheduling for Automation

Automation is a key aspect of scaling and simplifying data pipelines. Opt for a platform that offers flexible scheduling options. Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud allows you to schedule data pipelines based on various parameters. You can set time-based triggers, event-based triggers, API calls, or new data availability as the basis for automation. This flexibility empowers you to automate and schedule pipelines according to your specific requirements, reducing manual intervention and increasing efficiency.

Tip 5: Embrace DataOps for Efficient Workflows

DataOps, a methodology that integrates development, testing, and production stages, plays a crucial role in data pipeline orchestration. Evaluate a platform that provides comprehensive support for DataOps, such as Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud. With seamless integration with tools like GitHub and existing DevOps procedures, you can ensure an efficient workflow. By automating the flow of data across the application lifecycle, you can improve collaboration, version control, and quality assurance.

Start Orchestrating Your Data Pipelines with Matillion Data Productivity Cloud


Automating, scaling, and simplifying the orchestration of data pipelines is a critical task for data teams. By following these five tips—leveraging business logic orchestration, fostering collaboration, gaining observability, enabling effortless scheduling, and embracing DataOps—you can streamline your processes and enhance productivity, landing on the right platform that fits your needs.

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Sam Wortman
Sam Wortman

Senior Product Marketing Manager