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Demonstrate your Matillion expertise – Announcing the new Matillion Practitioner Certification


Want to show the world that you are an expert in developing real-life data productivity solutions? The Matillion Practitioner Certification is a valuable asset for data practitioners looking to develop and demonstrate their skills with Matillion’s leading data integration and transformation platform – Matillion ETL.

 The new Practitioner exam and Certification will demonstrate that you have a comprehensive knowledge of Matillion ETL and can use it to develop data pipelines, automate data transformations, and build cloud data warehouses. Becoming a Matillion Certified Practitioner is a great way for data professionals to stand out from their peers and demonstrate their knowledge and experience in a wide range of topics, including:

  • Real-life transformation and orchestration-based scenarios
  • Matillion ETL Best Practices
  • Matillion ETL Architecture
  • Using Variables in Matillion ETL
  • Matillion ETL Security, Versioning and Git
  • Using APIs in Matillion ETL
  • Matillion ETL Shared Jobs
  • Matillion ETL Architecture

Ideal for data professionals

By becoming a Matillion Certified Practitioner, you will be able to greatly improve your expertise and ability to use Matillion ETL by honing on the specific features and capabilities needed to improve the data productivity of your organization. In short, you will be able to maximize the investment of your organization in Matillion. 

In addition, becoming a Certified Matillion Practitioner is a great way for you to show your Matillion skills and data expertise to current and prospective employers, as it provides demonstrable knowledge and aptitude in designing, developing, and managing data pipelines. The certification also demonstrates your understanding of the underlying data integration technologies and how they can be leveraged to generate insights and improve data-driven decision-making. In addition, the Matillion Practitioner Certification also provides proof of your understanding of how to design an effective cloud data warehouse – a very high-demand skill in today’s modern data environment.  


Ideal for partners

Becoming a Matillion Certified Practitioner is also ideal for Matillion Partners as you will become an accredited expert on Matillion’s industry-leading data integration platform for loading, transforming, synchronizing, and orchestrating data across the entire modern data stack with a cloud-native platform that is designed from the ground up for multiple cutting edge cloud data and analytics environments. You will not only expand your expertise with Matillion, but will also expedite cloud migration engagements by improving your ability to demonstrate, deploy, and provide Matillion-related services – consulting, management, and support.    

How can you become Certified Matillion Practitioner?

Matillion launched its Matillion Certification program last year with the introduction of the Matillion Certified Associate exam. This program provides continuous training on core Matillion capabilities so that you can extract, migrate, and transform data in the cloud like an expert. The new Matillion Certified Practitioner exam furthers this goal and provides an additional level of expertise.

To become a Certified Matillion Practitioner, you will need to become a Matillion Certified Associate first. Once you demonstrate your basic knowledge of Matillion ETL by passing the Matillion Certified Associate exam, you can then sign up for and take the Matllion Certified Practitioner exam, which consists of 35 questions, and achieve a score of at least 75%.  

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado