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Accelerating Connector Development: The Power of Decoupling in Driving Connector Expansion

Matillion is undergoing a transformative shift from its hybrid SaaS product ("METL") to its innovative SaaS solution, Data Productivity Cloud (DPC). This transition marks a significant evolution in the company's approach, promising reduced maintenance cycles and faster implementation of new features such as connectors.

Seamless Onboarding Experience with DPC

With our transformative shift to the DPC, Matillion is proud to offer a seamless onboarding experience for new customers. Now, with DPC, onboarding is a breeze, requiring zero effort from your end to manage infrastructure or perform software updates. Dive straight into harnessing the power of data with Matillion's hassle-free, user-friendly platform.

Efficiency in Connector Development 

In addition to a rapid customer onboarding experience, Matillion engineers have also increased the efficiency of enabling new connectors in the DPC. Previously, each new connector was specific to a given cloud warehouse, such as Snowflake, Redshift, Databricks, Synapse, or BigQuery, causing extended development cycles and maintenance. Any modifications made to one connector, whether for improvement or bug fixing, required revising other connectors for the same issue. Additionally, disparities across environments could cause compatibility problems, impeding engineering efficiency. Enter DPC, Matillion's new flagship product, designed to overcome those efficiency limitations. 

At the core of DPC lies the modular connector framework, a progressive concept aimed at decoupling connectors from the platform. This framework streamlines connector development by breaking it down into three distinct modules: the Input Module, the Storage Module, and the Output Module. This approach offers a significant advantage: all three modules are completely decoupled, easing maintenance by enabling code reuse and simplifying the implementation of new connectors compared to previous methods.

Flexibility and Scalability 

DPC's modular design allows for great flexibility and scalability. Once an output connector is implemented, the code becomes shared infrastructure, ensuring consistency and facilitating future improvements across all connectors.

Enhanced User Experience

With DPC, users can expect a rapid onboarding experience, consistent functionality across various environments, and reduced maintenance overhead. This paradigm shift not only enhances productivity but also fosters innovation, empowering Matillion to focus engineering efforts on revolutionary capabilities, including artificial intelligence.

In conclusion, the DPC represents a pivotal moment for Matillion and its customers. By embracing a modular and scalable approach, DPC heralds a new era of efficiency, agility, and data-driven insights for our customers

What does this all mean for you?

  • First of all, experience swift onboarding without the need for IT or DevOps involvement.
  • Secondly, zero effort is needed to manage infrastructure or perform software updates
  • And finally, a large and growing set of connectors that you will immediately be able to use in the DPC's Designer interface

Keep an eye on the weekly What's new in the Data Productivity Cloud blog for new connector announcements.

How to get hands-on?

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Carlos Fadón Perlines
Carlos Fadón Perlines

Senior Software Engineer