Introducing Matillion Integration for dbt

Matillion’s core value is our obsession with customer satisfaction. At the very core of being truly customer-obsessed is listening and responding to every single customer request, insight, piece of advice, and recommendation. With so many Matillion users also being dbt power users, we were constantly hearing - “Can we use our existing dbt models and transformations within Matillion?” - Well it’s time we at Matillion provided an affirmative answer to that question.   

Introducing Matillion’s dbt Integration

Matillion and dbt boast a large number of common customers and prospective users, so beginning with the 1.70 release of Matillion, dbt will be pre-installed in the Matillion AMI, making it easier than ever for a seamless unison.    Just as the data landscape is changing and growing, data teams are adapting to new tools and methods for writing code and delivering results. As teams scale with developers and engineers of different backgrounds, it’s important for different data platforms to coexist to enable  teams to be more productive. Matillion’s best-of-breed data movement and low-code/no-code transformation features plus dbt’s best-of-breed  capabilities for complex transformations fill every gap for end-to-end ELT, without losing any productivity.  

Matillion Data Productivity Cloud – A single platform for your data integration needs

Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud is our answer to the complexity resulting from the growing number of niche tools, designed for specific tasks, catering to  individual personas. The goal of the Matillion Productivity Cloud is to cater to every data stack, user, and future state. This is the key motive for Matillion’s integration  with dbt – to allow any data user with any coding level free reign to develop within Matillion.  

Stack Ready

Matillion offers a complete data management solution, including data ingestion, transformation, and orchestration. Part of being "stack ready" is constantly evolving how we integrate with other players in the ecosystem to add continuous value. We recognize the advantages of utilizing dbt for complex data transformation and modeling, hence we are excited to now deliver this joint value through the Matillion platform. We believe that users should have a seamless experience where all their data tools work together efficiently. Matillion's dbt component is designed to integrate smoothly with our platform, providing users with a positive experience.  

Everyone Ready

The Matillion Data Productivity Cloud is built for everyone, from code-free data analysts and creatives to the most code-centric, technical data practitioners. We strive to be a platform that automates boring data tasks while enabling data-savvy users to focus on manipulating data in any way that they see fit. Coders are dynamic and so too should be your data platform.  By being Everyone-Ready, we empower Matillion users to transform their data in countless variations, including:

  • Automated – using Matillion’s pre-built transformations and templates, including our vast library of Shared Jobs.
  • Semi-automated – adjusting pre-built templates as you see fit.
  • High-code – Within Matillion’s existing SQL and Python integrated development environment
  • Through dbt – Now, with our dbt integration

Future Ready

Perhaps most importantly, by incorporating dbt into the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud, we enable your business to future-proof, in both coding capabilities and automation of data analytics. Matillion’s vision of being Future Ready means that you don’t have to plan every new data project from start to finish; you can be flexible and course-correct as you see fit. Future-Ready means you can incorporate that complex data model from dbt directly into your Matillion job without any lag time. Matillion aims to always provide exactly what our customers require; whether it’s already developed or it’s an option for an alternative, your data future is never hanging in the balance. 

See the Matillion and dbt integration put to use in the demo below and try out the feature for yourself in Matillion 1.70.

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado