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Learn how Matillion provides the utmost architectural flexibility

Architecture matters The architecture of your data integration platform can take on different forms depending on your needs and the complexity of your environment. Each architecture has its benefits and drawbacks. A single-node architecture provides the simplest Matillion ETL implementation. Adding a high-availability service to a single-node architecture to store your Matillion ETL metadata in an external database gives you real-time access to your job configurations. And for organizations requiring high availability, a clustered architecture ensures no downtime with their Matillion ETL instance, even if there are issues with the underlying environment.  


Get started on Matillion Academy with the new course: Matillion ETL Architecture Matillion supports all three architecture types and allows organizations to choose the Matillion ETL architecture that best fits their needs and resources. The new Matillion ETL Architecture course will cover each architecture type supported by Matillion and how to deploy them. This course will also help you understand the potential of Matillion ETL and all you can achieve with the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud in concert with your specific data environment and business needs. Specifically, this course will discuss each of the following topics:

  • An Introduction to Architectures within Matillion ETL
  • The Single Node Architecture
  • The Single Node & RDS Architecture
  • The Clustered Architecture
  • Selecting an Architecture via the Hub

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Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado