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Matillion announces new release support options that match your appetite for change

Matillion is announcing a new two-tiered release model to provide our customers with more flexibility in choosing which updates to implement. The model includes two types of releases: Standard Short-Term Support (STS) and Long-Term Support (LTS). 

The STS releases are rolled out every 6-8 weeks and contain the latest product features. Customers who desire the newest features, bug fixes, or security enhancements can simply upgrade to the latest STS version. This is the standard operating procedure for most Matillion customers. 

On the other hand, the LTS releases are designated approximately every three STS releases, or every six months, and have an 18-month support lifecycle. They contain the current feature set at the time of release and will receive high-priority bug and support patches for the duration of that lifecycle, delivered as in-place upgrades. Because LTS version releases overlap, there is approximately a 12-month window in which customers can upgrade to the latest LTS version.  

You can see what this looks like in practice below: (Note: this is an example of a release timeline and is not intended to be a commitment of future releases) 

Matillion has always been customer-obsessed, and this new release model is just another example of that obsession. We understand that not every organization moves at the same pace, and some customers prefer upgrading at longer intervals over having all the cutting-edge features immediately.  The new release model is designed to give our customers the flexibility to meet their needs and requirements regarding the cadence of upgrades by providing them with the option to upgrade at their own pace while assuring that their version of Matillion is patched and secure. 

There is no additional cost or administrative overhead to customers choosing one release over the others, giving the customers the option to choose the version that is best suited to their organization. LTS version releases are designated in release notes, and all Customer Support terms apply to both LTS and STS releases. 

For more information, check out our Support Documentation.

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado