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Matillion Lineage

As companies strive to become more data-driven, data teams are increasingly resource-constrained as they attempt to scale their data integration while still maintaining control and visibility over data operations. That’s why Matillion built its newest feature, Lineage, transforming observability capabilities through integrated lineage.

Introducing Lineage

Matillion's latest release within the Data Productivity Cloud marks a step forward in the world of data lineage visibility. This advancement promises a paradigm shift in how data transformations are visualized and managed. It addresses the challenges faced by resource-constrained data teams, offering unprecedented visibility into the entire data pipeline, from loading to transformation and all the metadata in between.

The True Value of Lineage

1. Traceability at Your Fingertips

Data lineage allows users to trace the journey of their data effortlessly. From the moment data enters the pipeline to the final transformation, each step is documented, offering a clear and detailed lineage view.

2. Holistic Orchestration 

Understanding the orchestration of data is crucial for optimizing processes. With Lineage, users can effortlessly follow the flow of data across various stages, identifying dependencies and potential bottlenecks. This holistic view empowers users to streamline their orchestration for enhanced efficiency.

3. Transformation Insight

Data transformation is where the magic happens, turning raw input into valuable insights. Lineage provides a visual representation of each transformation, enabling users to track the evolution of their data. This insight enables quicker troubleshooting, debugging, and optimization of the transformation process.

4. Impact Analysis Made Easy

Making changes to a data pipeline can be a delicate operation, as they often reflect complex code upstream that could be broken if handled incorrectly. The Lineage feature simplifies the impact analysis by showing users the downstream effects of alterations. This ensures that modifications are made with confidence, and without unintended consequences.

Capabilities and Roadmap

This initial release focuses on transformation lineage at runtime, allowing users to visualize column and table-level lineage directly from the pipeline. This new functionality provides data teams with a clearer understanding of data flow, making error identification and issue resolution more visible. In the coming quarter, we will elevate this capability further by introducing orchestration and source-to-target lineage, presenting a comprehensive end-to-end view of data integration.

Matillion's lineage functionality stands out by showcasing column-level lineage, not commonly found in modern ELT solutions. Including source-to-target lineage and delivering a clean and visually appealing representation of data flow, Matillion Lineage addresses the challenges of maintaining governance in data integration.

In the schema view, users will find metadata for tables and transformation icons with details about the last run of a specific pipeline and any generated SQL, facilitating efficient data governance.

Game-Changing Functionality

Matillion lineage promises to be a massive addition to an already powerful platform, providing customers with insights into their data that were not previously possible in any solution. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Matillion with any questions on getting started!

Sign up for a demo of Matillion’s Lineage here and experience the revolutionary lineage capabilities never before seen in a SaaS ELT solution!

Ryder Zgabay
Ryder Zgabay

Senior Product Marketing Manager