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Matillion’s New Observability Dashboard

Matillion is excited to announce the launch of the Observability Dashboard! This new feature will provide comprehensive monitoring and observability capabilities across the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud, giving our customers maximum visibility of their Matillion environment to make better decisions over their data processes.The first iteration of the Observability Dashboard boosts the functionality of the Matillion Hub Instance page by expanding the number and the scope of monitoring capabilities available to Matillion users. The Observability Dashboard will now provide an overview of the overall status of Matillion ETL instances, including job, environment, and user details. This capability will allow Matillion users to see the status of each instance and react to any issues in a central area, improving their overall Matillion experience.
Let’s dig deeper into how the Matillion Observability Dashboard works in practice. All Matillion ETL jobs run in the last 24 hours are synchronized automatically to the Observability Dashboard.  The Observability Dashboard collects and provides rich metadata on each job, including start time, duration, and the Matillion instance in which the job was run, making it easy to confirm that your critical jobs have run successfully. You can quickly check on the execution status of a job, identify issues that may need resolution, and diagnose those issues in real time by going straight to the Matillion instance containing the job in question with a single click. The Observability Dashboard also provides information on the status of your Matillion instances – whether your instance is running, stopped, or has an error – directly from the Matillion Hub, without the need to log into the cloud platform on which the instance is running. This reporting capability is near real-time with a constant heartbeat to your Matillion infrastructure, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information on each Matillion instance.The introductory version of the Observability Dashboard provides you with essential monitoring capabilities, so you can see the status of your activities at a glance.  But this is just the beginning. Matillion plans to expand the capabilities of the Observability Dashboard to give you insights into aggregated pipeline activity, such as average job duration, success rates, and other additional overview metrics.  In addition, future releases will provide a more holistic view of pipeline processes to help you optimize your job designs with a better understanding of patterns and any gaps in your job runs.Matillion is committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. The launch of the Observability Dashboard is another step in fulfilling that commitment.  The Observability Dashboard is an excellent resource for data engineers, IT administrators, and heads of data management to help them be more productive with data.  It is currently available to all Matillion Hub customers at no additional cost, regardless of subscription level.To get started with the Observability Dashboard, upgrade to Matillion release version 1.65 or above. Once you have upgraded to the required version and associated your Matillion instance to the Matillion Hub, you can then access the Dashboard via the Matillion ETL Activity tile on the Hub start page.See for yourself: