Maximize Your Data Value with Cloud-Native Integration Technologies

As we explored in our recent blog, Accelerating Time to Insight with Better Data Management, 94% of enterprises now say data is essential to business growth.

Yet, many organizations face significant challenges unlocking actionable insights from their data. And these problems persist even after organizations have migrated to the cloud in an effort to become more agile and data driven. 

You see, the cloud is often seen as a silver bullet—a simple means to transform business operations and enhance decision-making with minimal maintenance. But even the latest cloud solutions can struggle to tame the rapid growth of increasingly complex data. 

Without a full unified view of connected data, organizations run into Information Gaps that divide teams, silo data, and produce misinformation that can point your business in the wrong direction. 

But why is this, and what’s the solution?  

The shift towards digital-first thinking

During the pandemic, countless organizations accelerated cloud migration to keep pace with the rapid shift to digital-first interactions and experiences.  

But to meet your customers’ rising expectations for fast, connected, and personalized experiences, you need to empower your teams with the right tools and insights. 

This means connecting internal and external data sources into a single, integrated cloud-native platform, giving everyone a complete, shared view of all your data sources—including IT, operations, finance, supply chains, and marketing.  

But the reality is, few organizations are achieving this, instead spending inordinate amounts of time on routine data migration and maintenance.   

Understanding your data challenges

For your data teams to deliver on the ‘promise of the cloud,’ you must first understand your existing cloud data challenges—including barriers to insight.

When asked what data management tasks require the most effort, 63% of data teams said migrating data from disparate sources, 56% said preparing data for analysis, and 55% said moving data back to SaaS apps and systems. More alarming is the 75% of respondents that say poor or incomplete data migration costs their organization opportunities and revenue.  

As the volume of data grows, so too will the time spent migrating and maintaining it to the cloud. Time that is better spent unlocking actionable insights to drive innovation and inform strategic decision-making.  

How to simplify data integration 

To simplify data management and empower your teams to get the most from your cloud data platform, you need the right cloud-native data integration solution. 

At Matillion, we understand your cloud challenges and the barriers to insight faced by today’s data professionals. That’s why we design our platform to natively integrate and manage data at scale from any cloud data platform, democratizing data accessibility and accelerating time to insight. 

If you’re interested in addressing your cloud data challenges or want to learn more about cloud-native data integration, you may want to register for the upcoming Matillion Data Unlocked event—our annual virtual experience for data professionals.  

Together, we can explore new ways to maximize your cloud investment by enhancing data-driven productivity, scalability, and accessibility without sacrificing security or compliance.

Andreu Pintado
Andreu Pintado