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Unleashing Data Productivity

In today's data-driven landscape, the demand for data continues to skyrocket, putting immense pressure on enterprises to boost the productivity of their data teams. The challenge of accomplishing more work, at a faster pace, with limited resources is faced by many organizations as they grapple with existing constraints, practices, and coding skills within their data teams.

According to a 2021 IBM study, a staggering 80% of a data professional's time is spent on data integration rather than analysis or modeling. This highlights the immense effort expended on tasks that hinder productivity and limit the potential for insightful analysis. 

2020 Aberdeen Group study revealed that 46% of data scientists identify accessing data from different areas of the business as the biggest hurdle they face. Adding to these challenges is the difficulty in scaling resources—team, technology, and budget—in proportion to the increasing demand. 

Our recent Data Trends survey discovered a striking 84% of data professionals claim their workload surpasses the capacity of their data teams. The imbalance between demand and available resources underscores the urgency to find solutions that boost data productivity.

Enter the Data Productivity Cloud!

In a world where data is the lifeblood of enterprises, the productivity of data teams is paramount. The demand for faster and more efficient data work is on the rise, but resources and coding skills often limit the potential for growth and innovation. 

We are thrilled to unveil Matillion Data Productivity Cloud, a platform that revolutionizes how data teams move, transform, and orchestrate data pipelines. It empowers both coders and non-coders, accelerating their productivity and enabling them to tackle complex data tasks with ease.


Benefits of Matillion Data Productivity Cloud

Simplify & Automate Data Movement:

  • Custom coding integrations to multiple sources are simplified, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Chaotic pipeline and data flows are automated, reducing the need for manual maintenance.
  • Efficient parallel processing and log-based methodologies manage complex database replication.

Bridge the Skills Gap for Data Transformation:

  • Code-optional platform accessible to a wider range of skills.
  • Complex data transformation made easier, faster, and more self-service.
  • Improved collaboration and version control through GitHub integration.

Handle Scale & Complexity of Pipeline Orchestration:

  • Visual interface for better visibility across large, distributed data ecosystems.
  • Unification of fragmented data tools into one integrated platform.
  • Diagnose and solve issues, trigger automatic activities, and ensure scalability.

Matillion Data Productivity Cloud empowers data leaders and their teams to tackle the challenges of today's data-driven world. By simplifying and automating data movement, bridging the skills gap for data transformation, and handling the scale and complexity of pipeline orchestration, Matillion revolutionizes how data teams operate. 

Experience the power of Matillion Data Productivity Cloud by signing up for a free trial and start your journey towards greater data productivity today.