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Easier ways to load data faster

Data Loading with Matillion

Better data leads to better business decisions—causing the appetite for data to
grow. The answer isn't to overload your data engineers, but make data loading easier for a wider pool of users.

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Does your business struggle with...

  • Slow integration of new data sources?

  • Expert time wasted on data wrangling?

  • Lack of resources in the data team?

Increase productivity by extracting and loading data at speed and scale with Matillion Data Loader

Productivity Increase the productivity of data teams
by building data pipelines in minutes without coding.
Icon itegrate Accelerate time to insights
through self-serve, no-code data loading.
Pie line graph desktop Get data business ready faster
through pre-built transformations.
Icon scaling Scale easily across the business,
with predictable, usage-based pricing (and start out for free).
Extract securely Simplify data architecture and security
with a single data loading platform and unique hybrid SaaS integration.
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Change Data Capture

Load operational data in near-real time.

  • Create robust, secure CDC data pipelines without writing a single line of code.
  • Simplify data replication without impacting database performance.
  • Ingest consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data for near-real time analytics.

Leverage the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud to transform source data and get it business-ready

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CDC data loading


See how Matillion is helping businesses to accelerate both data loading and time-to-insight

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