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With over 1,200 customers from companies of all sizes, Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud is easy to install, learn and support.


As a full-featured data transformation and ETL solution platform, Matillion can support your needs with infrastructure-free scaling, enterprise-level security, high availability options, data lineage, clustered environments, and more.


To compete in today’s fast-paced business environment, SMBs need a simple way to tap into the power of their data to help scale their business. As a cloud-native solution, Matillion offers a full platform to support your increasingly complex data integration and ETL needs.

Enable your data journey with a modern ETL solution

Getting data-driven insights is a multi-step process. From data integration and preparation to data transformation and manipulation, modern ETL solutions enable you to gain insights faster and easier. By harnessing the power of the cloud, you can tap into its massive parallel processing power to make the task of migrating and transforming data take only seconds to minutes, not hours to days.

Data transformation

Data transformation is a critical step in getting your data analytics-ready. A modern ETL process lets you perform powerful transformations in less time by skipping over the intermediate step of having to run transformations prior to loading your data into a destination.


Data analytics

Unlock the hidden value of your data. Remove data silos by migrating data into a cloud data warehouse, creating a single source of truth. Combine, query and transform data into a state that is easily processed by business intelligence and analytic tools.


Data integration

Achieve your business outcomes faster with ETL solutions that are designed to seamlessly integrate with the full efficiency and scale of your cloud data warehouse environment, giving you faster data loading times than legacy ETL and data pipeline tools.


Data lakes

A data lake can provide numerous benefits that a cloud or traditional data warehouse cannot – such as the ability to store all data types – making it an important part of an enterprise data management strategy.


Data preparation

To get your data ready for data analytics and visualization tools, you need the ability to perform complex data orchestration and transformation jobs. A modern ETL solution consolidates all your data into a single source of truth and eliminates the need for manual coding, so that even less technical users can prepare data for analysis.



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