Data analytics built for the cloud

Take advantage of the speed and scalability of the cloud by starting your big data and data analytics projects with Matillion ETL, a cloud-native tool built to support individual cloud data warehouse environments.

Reduce time to value

Improve time to value with our easy to learn user interface and ability to quickly process data by leveraging the massive parallel processing power of the cloud.

Achieve greater scalability

Easily scale your data analytics platform, and your ability to process data quickly, by taking advantage of the unlimited scalability of a cloud data warehouse.

Migrate data in near real-time

Synchronize your various data sources (data warehouses, cloud applications, files, etc.) with your cloud data warehouse to ensure your data is automatically kept up to date.

Gain flexibility

Replicate raw data in your cloud data warehouse or data lake and transform it when and how you need. This allows you to stay flexible to the many business intelligence tools that determine schema on read and produce transformation on demand.

Streamline data preparation

Perform powerful transformations in less time. With Matillion ETL, transformation happens within your cloud data warehouse environment to deliver greater efficiency and time to value.

Improve data security

Deploy within the virtual environment of your cloud data warehouse. Maintain control and ownership of your data at all times to ensure data security and the ability to meet company and industry security requirements.

Reduce costs and resources

Pay as you go with no long-term commitment, so you only pay for what you need, when you need it. And, with no infrastructure to manage or maintain, your team is able to focus on analyzing data to drive your business.

Simplify data source connections

With over 70 pre-built connectors to popular data sources, you can bring data from many sources into your cloud data warehouse for data analysis in a matter of clicks.

Make data more accessible

Make your data available to your authorized data users by writing your transformed data back out to your cloud data warehouse.

Make data analytics accessible and accurate

Data analytics delivers insights about your business, customers, and markets. A strong data analytics strategy can give you a competitive edge when those insights are timely and based on accurate data. This is why having the right data analytics tech stack and ETL tool can be a deciding factor in giving your business a competitive edge.

A cloud-native ETL tool is critical to perform data analytics because it uses the cloud environment to achieve unlimited scale and speed when it comes to transforming raw data from multiple sources into an analytics-ready format for your business intelligence and visualization tools.

Make data democracy part of your data analytics strategy

Data democracy – or data accessibility – is another critically important aspect of a strong data analytics strategy. Forward thinking companies are embracing data democratization, but also need a way to make data analysis easier for less tech-savvy business units to engage in. With greater accessibility to the data, your organization can gain more insights and value from your data.

Unlock the hidden value of your data. With a strong data analytics platform that is supported by a cloud data warehouse and a cloud native ETL tool, you’ll be able to accelerate the path from raw data to data insights that can lead to better decision-making.

Power your data analytics with Matillion

Matillion is a full-featured, cloud-native ETL tool purpose-built to support Amazon RedShift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure Synapse, and Snowflake. With Matillion you can integrate any number of sources using our over 70 pre-built connectors to popular data sources.

Matillion uses the power, speed, and scalability of the cloud to make it easy to not only migrate your data, but to also transform data for use by a data analytics or visualization solution.

How to build a data analytics platform

How to build a data analytics platform

A cloud-based Data Analytics Platform (DAP) can integrate the multitude of data sources within your business into an enterprise-wide analytics system. Dive into this whitepaper to learn the key tenants of a data analytics platform and see how your business can adopt cloud technologies to design a fit-for-purpose solution that is cost-efficient and scalable.


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