Data integration for the cloud

Matillion is fundamentally changing data integration, enabling you to innovate at the speed of business with a SaaS-based platform to solve top integration challenges.

Quickly set up data pipelines

With an intuitive user interface, Matillion Data Loader enables you to easily set up multiple data pipelines with a wizard-based approach that takes you through each step to create your data pipelines.

Easier management of your data pipelines

Refresh your data pipelines at intervals that best fit the needs of your business and receive alerts if your data pipeline processes fail for any reason.

Integrate with leading cloud data warehouses

Matillion products seamlessly integrate with major cloud data warehouse providers Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, and Delta Lake on Databricks, allowing you to easily migrate source data.

Achieve greater scalability

Cloud data warehouse platforms are designed to autoscale as processing loads increase, allowing for unlimited scale within seconds or minutes.

Migrate data in near real-time

Synchronize your data with your own cloud data warehouse to ensure your data is continually and automatically kept up to date.

Reduce costs

Load millions of rows of data into your chosen cloud data warehouse for FREE. Integrate with many data sources at no cost to support your data migration efforts.

Simplify data source connections

With pre-built connectors to popular data sources, you can bring data from multiple sources into your cloud data warehouse for data analysis in a matter of clicks.

Single source of data truth

Maintain a centralized view of all your enterprise data in one place – inside your cloud data warehouse – so you can perform analysis and visualizations and know that you’re using data you trust.

Data transformation

Matillion ETL can now join together siloed data, denormalize it, and add the business logic necessary, allowing your business to uncover the hidden insights within your data.


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Data integration, simplified

Migrate all your data sources to your preferred cloud data warehouse quickly and easily.

Take the pain out of data integration

SaaS-based data integration tools that take advantage of the speed, performance, and economics of the cloud can accelerate the data migration and integration process and offer greater affordability. With Matillion Data Loader not only do you eliminate the need to manage and maintain on-premise infrastructure with a cloud-based migration solution and remove the error-prone approach of manual coding, but you also reduce the burden on your budgets with our free offering. Giving you the solution to fully support your business needs and growing number of data sources.

Easily integrate data from many sources

A SaaS-based data integration solution also saves significant time throughout the data migration process. With native connections to many popular data sources and support for modern cloud data warehouses, data pipelines can be created in just a few clicks. You also save valuable developer resources by reducing the need for manual hand-coding and SQL scripting efforts.

Matillion is reinventing data integration

Matillion was recognized as a 2019 Top Rated Award Winner in Data Integration by TrustRadius. Matillion is continuing to lead in this category with the launch of Matillion Data Loader, a SaaS-based integration tool that solves the problem of loading raw data from multiple sources to major cloud data warehouses so you can quickly get a 360-view of your data.

With Matillion Data Loader, you can:

  • Join siloed data to support better, more informed and better business decisions
  • Eliminate manual SQL development and hand-coding with our easy to use user interface
  • Leverage the power and performance of your cloud data warehouse to migrate data with a faster, more scalable solution

With support for popular data sources, and major cloud data warehouse providers like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google and BigQuery, Matillion has reinvented data integration, enabling new levels of simplicity, speed, scale, and savings.

Pricing & plans
Modernize your data warehouse

Modernize your data warehouse

Growing varieties, volumes, and velocities of data can strain your database and existing business intelligence processes. Trying to cope with these increases will unearth platform limitations that are not easily overcome and can be expensive to work around. Read this ebook to discover:

  • How to modernize your data warehouse
  • Improve your business’ ability to be proactive
  • Be competitive and agile in light of new data insights


Get started with Matillion Data Loader – free!

Matillion Data Loader makes it simple to replicate your data into a cloud data warehouse, allowing you to create a single source of truth for your data. Built as a SaaS-based data integration tool, Matillion Data Loader includes a number of integrations and gives you a 360-degree view of all your data sources.

Our free plan allows you to:

  • Load millions of rows of data – for FREE!
  • Create data pipelines at no cost to support your data migration efforts
  • Connect to popular data sources like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Excel