Harness the power of the cloud

Purpose-built for leading cloud data warehouse environments Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure Synapse, and Snowflake, Matillion ETL removes the complexity from enterprise data management during enterprise data integration.

  • Improve time to value

    With drag-and-drop capabilities, ETL developers are able to quickly and easily create complex ETL jobs, eliminating the need for manual hand coding.

  • Onboard in hours, not months

    With an intuitive and easy to learn tool, developers and teams are able to get up and running with Matillion in days instead of weeks.

  • Single source of truth

    Maintain a centralized view of all your enterprise data in one place – inside your cloud data warehouse – and perform analysis and visualizations knowing that you’re accessing up-to-date data that you trust.

  • Greater scalability

    Scale your enterprise data integration and transformation efforts as your business grows. Cloud data warehouse platforms are designed to autoscale as processing loads increase, allowing for unlimited scale within seconds or minutes.

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Your data remains as secure as your enterprise-grade cloud data warehouse environment since Matillion is deployed within.

  • Scalable job creation

    With our multiple connection feature, multiple people can be working on a job within your cloud data warehouse at once – enabling up to 50% faster processing speeds.

Case Study: Travis Perkins

With Matillion, Travis Perkins is able to ingest data at the pace the business demands. The company can develop applications that answer questions quickly, and keep the momentum of the organization moving forward.

Build a data-driven enterprise

Matillion can simplify complex IT and data management environments with a full-featured enterprise data integration and transformation solution that supports enterprise data management needs such as:

  • Data lineage
  • High-availability clustered environments
  • Audit logs
  • Auto documentation generation
  • GIT integration
  • Support for development, test, and production environments
  • And more

Built with a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface, developers can easily create complex ETL jobs. Deployed as a machine image that sits within your enterprise’s virtual environment, Matillion’s enterprise data integration and transformation solution not only supports enterprise security requirements, it also makes it easier to customize your deployment to your unique needs and cloud data warehouse environment.


Case Study


Learn how DocuSign was able to meet its data modernization strategy goals by pairing Matillion with their chosen cloud data warehouse, Snowflake. Not only was deploying Matillion from the AWS Marketplace as simple as a few clicks, DocuSign was also able to:

  • Run their entire infrastructure in Matillion within 2 days of deploying
  • Rapidly onboard their data engineer team
  • Reduce the time needed for long-running jobs from over 22 hours to just 6 hours


Begin your data journey

Matillion provides simple, powerful, easy to use ETL tools that enable your company’s data journey.