Power your big data management strategy in the cloud

Harness the agility, speed, and scalability of the cloud with Matillion’s big data for small businesses.

  • Easy-to-use

    Matillion ETL is very intuitive and easy-to-learn, making on-boarding of developers easy and quick.

  • Scalable solution

    Cloud data warehouse platforms are designed to autoscale as processing loads increase, allowing you to transform your data as your business grows for business intelligence within seconds or minutes.

  • Flexible pricing

    A free trial of Matillion ETL is available. Matillion Data Loader also offers a generous free tier to help you easily create data pipelines and process hundreds of millions of rows of data –and when it’s time to upgrade, Matillion offers the best pricing plans.

  • Full capabilities to power data analytics

    With Matillion Data Loader, a SaaS-based data integration tool, and Matillion ETL, a cloud-based data transformation tool purpose-built for the cloud, Matillion provides a comprehensive big data platform to support businesses’ growing ETL

  • Single source of data truth

    Maintain a centralized view of all your data in one place – inside your cloud data warehouse – so you can perform analysis and visualizations using data you trust.

  • Simplify data source connections

    With over 70 pre-built connectors to popular data sources, you can bring data from multiple sources into your cloud data warehouse for data analysis in a matter of clicks.

Achieve true business intelligence with less effort

Small businesses need the agility to scale as they grow, and the simplicity to do more with
fewer resources.

Matillion offers a data integration and ETL platform with tools that can support big data for
small business – whether that’s simply migrating data into your cloud data warehouse or
performing more complex data transformations.

  • Over 70 connectors with popular data sources makes it easy to integrate data from almost any source.
  • Setup and deployment are simple and straightforward with the use of AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and Google Cloud Platform to launch Matillion.
  • Creating ETL jobs is quick and easy with a highly intuitive interface that doesn’t require any technical skill.


Modernize your data warehouse

Modernize your data warehouse

Growing varieties, volumes, and velocities of data can strain your database and existing business intelligence processes. Trying to cope with these increases will unearth platform limitations that are not easily overcome and can be expensive to work around. Read this ebook to discover:

  • How to modernize your data warehouse
  • Improve your business’ ability to be proactive
  • Be competitive and agile in light of new data insights


Begin your data journey

Matillion provides simple, powerful, easy to use ETL tools that enable your company’s data journey.