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Data Productivity Cloud Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (the “SLA”) is supplemental to the Master Subscription Agreement set forth at: or otherwise negotiated between the parties and applies solely to Customers with an active subscription to the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud. Terms capitalized but not defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the Agreement.

1. Availability

Matillion’s availability for the SaaS (Matillion Data Productivity Cloud) can be monitored at Matillion commits to a Core Service (as defined below) availability of 99.9%.

2. Claims

Customers who believe that they have a valid claim for Service Credits must submit such claims to Matillion Customer Support at within 2 months of the end of the Billing Month to which the claim relates.

In support of any claim, Customer must provide all information necessary for Matillion to validate each claim, including: (i) a detailed description of the incident; (ii) information regarding the time and duration of the Downtime; (iii) the number and location(s) of affected users (if applicable); and (iv) descriptions of Customer’s attempts to resolve the incident.

Matillion will evaluate all reasonably available information and make a good faith determination of whether a Service Credit is owed. Matillion will use commercially reasonable efforts to process claims within 45 days of receipt and will inform the Customer in writing (including by email) of the extent to which the claim has been accepted. Customers must be in compliance with the Agreement to be eligible for Service Credits. If a Service Credit is owed to a Customer, Matillion will apply the Service Credits to the Customer's Subscription.

Service Credits are the Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for performance or availability issues for any Core Service under this SLA.

3. Exclusions

Matillion will have no liability for any failure to meet the Service Level to the extent the Downtime results from:

  1. Infrastructure or software hosted by the customer or another third party.
  2. Failure of equipment, software or other parts of the SaaS not listed as a Core Service.
  3. Downtime resulting from scheduled maintenance (“Planned Downtime”). Planned Downtime that exceeds 8 hours per month is not excluded and will constitute Downtime under this SLA. Matillion will use reasonable endeavors to provide seven days advance notice of Planned Downtime.
  4. Outages of third-party connections, platforms, services or other reasons beyond Matillion’s reasonable control.
  5. If Matillion’s Cloud Provider(s) experience downtime, Customer does not accrue Downtime for Core Services unavailable during this downtime period.
  6. The Customer uses equipment, software, or SaaS in a way that is against the recommendations of Matillion.
  7. The Customer has delayed, hindered, or prevented Matillion from providing the SaaS, such as by removing Matillion’s access to Customer data sources or targets.
  8. The SaaS has become unavailable as a result of unsupported equipment, software, or other third-party services which are not fully functional, which includes but is not limited to undocumented API changes, API limits, or failures due to new or changed data that disrupts the pipeline mapping rules.
  9. Customer’s breach of any of its agreements with Matillion, or Matillion’s responses thereto.
  10. The SaaS (or any feature or portion thereof) is a Pre-GA Offering.
  11. A force majeure event (as described in the Agreement).

4. SLA Details and Example Calculations

Core Services refers to the following list of Matillion Data Productivity Cloud Core Services, that are applicable to customers who have purchased an annual subscription to the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud, which includes SLAs.

Core Service Description
Runtime service responsible for pipeline operations include data extract, transform & load hosted in Matillion’s cloud service.
Pipeline Execution
Runtime service responsible for issuing execution operations to Agents.
Runtime service responsible for issuing schedule operations to the Pipeline Execution service.
Data Loader Batch Pipelines
Runtime service responsible for pipelines extracting and loading data as per user configuration.


Monthly Availability PercentageService Credit Percentage
Under 99.9% but greater than or equal to 99.0%1%
Under 99.0% but greater than or equal to 95.0%3%
Under 95.0%5%


Service Credit Calculation Example: Pipeline Execution Service Unavailable

Scenario: Customer runs 200 task-hours of pipelines in a billing period which consumes 1450 credits in total, 400 of which are applicable to the 200 task-hours consumed by the Pipeline Execution service. Pipeline Execution service is unavailable for 6 hours (360 minutes) during that billing period resulting in 99.2% availability.

6 (service Downtime in hours) * 400 (Applicable Monthly Credits) * 0.01 (1% Service Credit Percentage) = 24 (Service Credits)

Monthly Availability Percentage Example Calculation:

99.2% = 42,640 (Total minutes of uptime) / ( 42,640 (Total minutes of Uptime) + 360 (Total minutes of Downtime) )

5. Additional Definitions

Applicable Monthly Credits means the total Credits consumed by an Organization in a Billing Month that are applicable to SaaS services that are affected by Downtime. Infrastructure and software installed or hosted outside of the Matillion platform, for example in a customer-hosted environment, do not accrue Applicable Monthly Credits.

Uptime refers to the total time a Core Service is available. A service is considered available when a service responds with an intended state. Uptime is measured in minutes.

Downtime refers to the total time a Core Service is unavailable when requested. A service is considered unavailable when that service either fails to respond or responds with an unintended error state. Downtime is measured in minutes.

Monthly Availability Percentage for Core Services is calculated as the uptime divided by the total sum of uptime and downtime. Monthly Availability Percentage = (Total minutes of Uptime) / (Total minutes of Uptime + Total minutes of Downtime).

Service Credits are the credits applied to a subscription in the event of a successful claim under the terms of this SLA.

Service Credit Percentage is the percentage of Applicable Monthly Credits, used in the Service Credit calculation.

Service Credit Calculation applies if a service is considered to be down longer than the monthly availability percentage, and the customer has purchased an annual subscription that includes the SLA. The customer is eligible to have Service Credits added to their subscription, the amount credited is represented by the following formula: Service Credits = Downtime (Hours) * Applicable Monthly Credits * Service Credit Percentage.

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