Data migration, simplified.

Matillion Data Loader makes it simple to migrate your data into a cloud data warehouse of your choice – Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake. Watch our demo and learn how Matillion Data Loader can help you create a single source of truth for your data.


Load your data without affecting your budget

Matillion Data Loader helps you to quickly and seamlessly centralize valuable business data for free. Integrate with many popular data sources at no additional cost to support your migration efforts.

  • Accelerate your time to value with easy access to your business data that will drive innovation and boost productivity
  • Save valuable developer and analyst time by rapidly moving data into the cloud, allowing developers to focus on data analytics
  • Break down siloed departments and data repositories to make information easier to find

Migrate your data into your cloud data warehouse in a few simple steps

With a simple and intuitive user interface, easy wizard configuration and SaaS-based platform Matillion Data Loader gives you the tools to quickly set up data pipelines without having to worry about coding or infrastructure.

  • Our wizard-based approach helps you to build your pipelines without needing any SQL or coding skills

  • Ensure your data is where you need it, when you need it with automated runs at an interval you set

  • Manage your own data while also freeing up data engineers for advanced analytics that drive your business forward

Easily integrate with popular data sources

With native integrations to many popular data sources including Salesforce, Excel, Google Analytics, and on-premise databases, moving your data has never been easier. Within minutes you’ll be migrating your data into your chosen cloud data warehouse.


Get started with Matillion Data Loader - FREE!

Matillion Data Loader makes it simple to replicate your data into a cloud data warehouse, allowing you to create a single source of truth for your data. Built as a SaaS-based data integration tool, Matillion Data Loader includes a number of integrations and gives you a 360-degree view of all your data sources.

Migrate to Matillion ETL

Looking to get more value out of your data? Matillion ETL allows you to transform your data into insights and decisions for your business. Request a demo and learn more about the transformative power of Matillion ETL.