Visit Matillion AI Playground at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 24

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Enjoy a morning filled with inspiration, insights and breakfast, where you’ll get a full serving of how to build a data foundation that unlocks AI innovation.

DFB Dubai 1200x627

Dubai, UAE

February 27 2024

DFB Bentonville 1200x627

Bentonville, Arkansas

March 5 2024

DFB Bellevue 1200x627

Bellevue, Washington

March 5 2024

DFB Raleigh 1200x627

Raleigh, North Carolina

March 6 2024

DFB London 1200x627

London, United Kingdom

March 6 2024

DFB San Ramon 1200x627

San Ramon, California

March 12 2024

DFB Cape Town 1200x627

Cape Town, South Africa

March 12 2024

DFB Manchester 1200x627

Manchester, United Kingdom

March 12 2024

DFB Stockholm 1200x627

Stockholm, Sweden

13 March 2024

DFB Johannesburg 1200x627

Johannesburg, South Africa

14 March 2024

DFB Oslo 1200x627

Oslo, Norway

20 March 2024

DFB Minneapolis 1200x627

Minneapolis, Minnesota

20 March 2024

DFB Chicago 1200x627

Chicago, Illinois

21 March 2024

DFB Ft Lauderdale 1200x627

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

21 March 2024

DFB Charlotte 1200x627

Charlotte, North Carolina

26 March 2024

DFB Houston 1200x627

Houston, Texas

27 March 2024

DFB Copenhagen 1200x627

Copenhagen, Denmark

11 April 2024

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