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Founded in 2004, Brightcove is the leading provider of cloud services for video. Brightcove offers a full suite of products and services that reduce the cost and complexity associated with publishing, distributing, measuring, and monetizing video across devices. With its platform, Brightcove helps media organizations, marketers, and enterprises develop video players, manage online video assets, and deliver video across a multi-platform ecosystem.


As part of its focus on customer experience, Brightcove wanted to support dashboards for sales operations, relying on the cloud as much as possible for their infrastructure. The goal for Brightcove was to find a data integration solution that would help them consolidate massive quantities of data from multiple sources. 

Josh Vogel, manager of business intelligence, Brightcove, further qualified this by saying, “This is my first time working with a cloud-based data warehouse, and because we are a very lean, efficient company, simpler is better. As a cloud company ourselves, we also want to utilize as much cloud-based infrastructure as possible.”


Brightcove visited AWS Marketplace to research vendors, and found a free, twoweek product trial offered by Matillion. “Matillion is a data integration tool that helps you bring your data together and do something useful with it,” said Matthew Scullion, CEO of Matillion. Matillion’s low-priced, scalable data-integration offering on AWS Marketplace—Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift—simplified Brightcove’s data integration solution and met their needs.

Scullion said, “Matillion ETL is purpose-built for Amazon Redshift, and gives customers the tooling required to quickly and capably deliver analytics projects using AWS and Redshift.” Because Matillion’s software is built specifically for Amazon Redshift, it is easy to configure, and integrating data is straightforward. Brightcove did not need to spend time or money collaborating with a support team, and because the product was offered directly from AWS Marketplace in a retail-like fashion, it was easy to purchase. 

With its ease of configuring, and the direct access of the software product from AWS Marketplace, Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift has a very low barrier for entry. Vogel said, “Redshift is great for housing data, and Matillion is great for getting it there.” Brightcove quickly integrated their data flows from their customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software within a few days. They populated their Redshift environment within a few weeks, and they were production ready before the end of the two-week trial period.


Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift made it fast, easy, and affordable for Brightcove to load and transform the data they use to provide stellar customer experiences. Before the end of the two-week free trial, Brightcove had 17 Salesforce objects set up, and was capturing changes from each of them daily. They also integrated with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), incorporating pre-existing data flows into the warehouse, while archiving backup data nightly to Amazon S3. “I don’t think I would have had the bandwidth to learn how to integrate so many separate data sources had I used another tool,” Vogel said. 

Brightcove also reduced the number of manual processes they were maintaining, and developed numerous dashboards pointing at their Redshift environment that updated daily, which supported their sales, customer support, and executive staff. Matillion’s software helped Brightcove combine their CRM data, ERP data, and usage data from their internal video platform APIs, which let them expose an enhanced data set, and publish specific combinations of data flows to targeted customers. The Brightcove sales and marketing groups, along with the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams, also leverage the Amazon Redshift environment.

The marketing analysis previously done directly in their CRM software is now done through their data warehouse. And with the help of dashboards, which expose the blended usage data and CRM data, account managers can make targeted calls to customers and advise them on the newest technologies. Brightcove’s next projects include additional integrations to combine customer demographic data with product utilization. The goal is to provide prescriptive information to enhance the ability for sales and support teams to build on Brightcove’s already award-winning customer service and deliver an even more robust customer experience.


  • Built specifically for AWS and Amazon Redshift
  • Intuitive browser-based user experience – easy on-boarding and powerful
  • Push-down ELT architecture – simplified infrastructure, fast performance
  • Powerful feature set
  • Retail-like acquisition through AWS Marketplace
  • Affordable pricing for everyone, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies
  • Wide range of data source connectors, all included
  • A fully-integrated, dataintegration tool that requires no additional development or maintenance staff
Redshift is great for housing data, and Matillion is great for getting it there.” Josh Vogel Manager of Business Intelligence| Brightcove