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Integrated, diverse data sources for deeper analysis and revenue forecasting

Real-time data processing, allowing swift responses to evolving trends

Reduced time and resource consumption while delivering valuable insights


CLIQ required an efficient process to monitor and optimize their digital activities in the competitive world of online advertising. Creating a real-time dashboard that consolidated data from various sources with inconsistent granularity, metrics, and time zones, was necessary. 


CLIQ’s BI department utilized Matillion to collect data from their tracking systems and multiple DSP’s. Processing is completed every 15 minutes and aggregation of data is done hourly. Using Matillion has refreshed a Tableau dashboard displaying key metrics and identifying anomalies, empowering the digital marketing team to proactively manage their campaigns. 


  • CLIQ achieved a holistic view of their advertising funnel, tracking banner clicks, DSP advertising costs, leads, opt-ins, and more. Allowing to monitor the entire customer journey from banner click to a successful user registration. 
  • Displaying essential metrics such as banner clicks, leads,opt-in, and advertising costs on the dashboard provided insights into relationships between metrics, aiding in campaign optimization.
  • Hourly graphs with reference bands highlighted normal behaviors, enabled quick identification of unusual trends or issues