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Empowering Growth Through Efficiency at Publicis

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Publicis Sport and Media

Process automation fueling service expansion and customer retention solutions

600hr reduction in manual data processing

Enabled real-time insights for competitive edge


Publicis’ data team needed to accelerate the processing of files received from broadcasters to deliver timely insights to key partners. Manually transforming these files consumed over 2000 hours, causing potential client churn. 


Using Matillion to automate their data processing pipeline, data engineers integrated both complex and simple rules, predominantly decision trees- merging files to create a consolidated dataset. 
Additionally, anomaly reports were generated for quick data validation. The data from Google BigQuery was connected to ThoughtSpot, enabling teams to create reports and access data rapidly. This transition allowed Publicis to provide real-time updates to clients, eliminating the long waiting periods for data. Universal connectors, shared jobs, and the collaborative platform of Matillion, along with the user-friendly drag-and-drop tools, played a pivotal role in streamlining the process.


  • Publicis Sport and Entertainment successfully pitched their innovative solutions to clients, expanding their scope and reducing client churn.
  • The implementation reduced the team's manual processing time by more than 600 hours.
  • The Publicis team are exploring new opportunities in building visualizations and creating subscription-based models for their clients.