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Enabling Customization to Increase Efficiency at KFC France

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Streamlined operations saving time and increasing efficiencies

Seamless migration conquering complex data challenges

Faster decision-making through accelerated data analysis


KFC France required a data warehouse to efficiently manage and analyze their rapidly expanding dataset.


KFC migrated from MSSQL and SSIS to Snowflake and Matillion, streamlining data processes. Leveraging shared jobs for Slowly Changing Dimensions through Matillion allowed for customization. Additionally, the creation of three separate data lakes with metadata integration, ensured data accuracy and accessibility. 


  • KFC France experienced a significant performance boost compared to MSSQL. Enabling quicker decision making through data warehouses operating at increased speed.
  • Matillion’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design made it easy to implement and manage data processes. 
  • The team achieved improved efficiency in data handling and analysis.
  • Enabled data management for the creation complex data flows, extracting data from Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL, and CSV files via S3 Load. 
  • KFC now has the capability to modify and customize their data processes as needed, all through Matillion.