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Clutch’s Customer Management platform delivers actionable customer intelligence and personalized engagements that empower B2C companies to uniquely identify, understand, and motivate each individual in their customer base. The platform integrates real-time customer data across point-of-sale, e-commerce, mobile and social channels, marketing touchpoints, and more, back to a single individual customer record. With the addition of machine learning, the platform is able to deliver highly personalized and relevant engagements to increase the value of each customer.






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Pennsylvania, USA

Marketing & Advertising


Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift

Data warehouse modernization, machine learning


The Clutch platform helps B2C marketers build relationships with consumers, encourage them to spend more and order more, and get highly personalized Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning assisted guidance for consistent, timely communication. But for Clutch, no two clients are alike. They have differing Point Of Service (POS) systems, CRM platforms, and verticalspecific attributes and measurements. To ensure that all customer data was available for reporting in a scalable and timely manner, Clutch needed a more sophisticated platform to handle data diversity and load operations from both locally stored data sources and also a broad spectrum of web-based systems.


As part of their overall data warehouse modernization initiative, Clutch decided on a host of AWS solutions. Clutch selected Amazon Redshift as it’s data warehouse, replacing Informatica. In addition to Amazon Redshift, Clutch also selected Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift due to its tight integration with Amazon Redshift, as well as its powerful data transformation capabilities. Matillion, working together with AWS services like Amazon Redshift, Kinesis, S3, SQS and more, plays a vital role in getting Clutch’s customer data into an actionable form for marketers to act on within hours, not days or weeks.


  • Ingests and transforms thousands of rows of data from inbound API records per hour, and several terabytes of data submitted via batch channels (SFTP) via Matillion
  • Brings in new data 24/7 with Matillion’s highly available infrastructure
  • Improved machine learning outcomes with data cleansing in Matillion
  • Achieved clear operational and sales reporting with a multi-instance set up that segregates internal vs. external workloads
  • Saw a quick ROI with the pay-as-you-go pricing model through AWS Marketplace
  • Increased agility and reduced time to market on ETL-heavy products and projects, a significant competitive benefit
  • Improved system performance by replacing costly and inefficient legacy systems with a modern technology stack


With Matillion, Clutch can now ingest, transform, and maneuver the massive amounts of retail, banking, and pharmaceutical data their customers rely on to drive insight, segmentation, and loyalty. With the Matillion pay-as-you-go model, Clutch affordably maintains logic and process separation. Multiple Matillion instances are used to drive internal processes, while separate instances are used to segregate client data workflows to ensure all data is being appropriately handled. This has proved to be instrumental in understanding data volume, process complexity, and other important metrics for the cost of operation and cost of sale. By setting complex business and data processing rules within Matillion, Clutch can tackle challenges from it’s customers that were too time-consuming, costly, or otherwise not feasible on legacy systems.

What's next

Since Matillion can handle point-of-sale, e-commerce, mobile and social channels, marketing touchpoints, and other data types across a number of verticals including retail, banking, and pharma, the possibilities for expansion are limitless. Because Matillion leverages the multiple processing and scalability of the cloud, Clutch can onboard new clients quickly and enable them to gain insights from data much faster. By building faster, data analysts have more time to mine data and discover insights. Furthermore, Clutch can meet more complex client needs involving multiple data sources, data governance, and security requirements, using Matillion’s simple yet extensible ETL development process via a graphic user interface. Arming data analysts with more and better quality transformed data helps them make better decisions. This enables Clutch to be more competitive and create more innovative ways for clients to create lasting customer loyalty.

Matillion lets us empower analysts to generate insights that significantly improve efficiency and executive decision making. It gives us a foundation for more informative data science. Edward Hunter Director of Business Intelligence| Clutch