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5 mins.

data load time

cut from 1 hour



that is truly elastic


and flexible

batch schedule


Fitness Lifestyle Group (FLG) is Asia-pacific’s leading health and wellness group, based in Australia. FLG exists to make a meaningful, positive impact in people’s lives through innovative and diversified health and wellness offerings across
physical and digital platforms. To fulfill its mission FLG modernized its data warehouse and streamlined data operations. Now FLG gains valuable insights, quickly, that help power the business and better serve customers.






Use case:


Fitness & Lifestyle Group

Queensland, Australia

Health & Wellness, Fitness


Matillion ETL for Snowflake

Data warehouse modernization/migration, reporting analytics, data visualization


With 10 different brands (and growing), over 470 locations and more than 725,000 members, FLG generates a tremendous amount of data from its members – data that FLG uses to constantly improve its business and user experience. As FLG has continued to grow its business organically and via brand acquisition, one of the challenges they faced was consolidating the growing number of disparate data sources added to the mix with each new acquisition. In addition, the time required to update its current SQL Server-based data warehouse with new source data to power business intelligence and marketing automation tools was unsatisfactory. They needed a flexible, scalable and performant solution that could handle their growing data needs, matching their pace of growth.


FLG quickly realized it needed a new cloud data warehouse (CDW) to standardize data framework and streamline its business operations. FLG also needed a way to quickly and efficiently move data from various source systems into its CDW and to transform that data in order to update its data visualization tools.

The elasticity and scalability afforded by the separation of storage and compute power led FLG to select Snowflake as its CDW. This architecture enabled FLG to build a true data lake with no performance degradation or failure on storage. FLG needed a way to get their disparate data from a myriad of cloud and legacy systems into Snowflake, in a format ready for analysis – all delivered in line with their cloud strategy.


  • A truly elastic solution in the cloud
  • Built a performant and resilient Data Lake.
  • Cut data load time from 1hr to 5mins
  • Able to follow up with customers with personalized content in seconds instead of days
  • More robust and flexible batch schedule
  • All reports now based on data transformed by Matillion and stored in Snowflake


For Peter Ilic, Head of Analytics at FLG “Matillion and Snowflake are made for each other”; with both solutions in place, FLG has reduced the time it takes to run a 100MB load and transformation job from one hour to under five minutes! Having near instant access to their data enables FLG to serve their customers a personalized journey to health and wellness in near real time. Using Snowflake and Matillion, which really “is reliable and the quickest data transformation solution available”, Ilic, Skinner and the data analytics team are directing user journeys and empowering customers. This is supported by sales, who benefit from up-to-date dashboards and reports. The data in these reports tell sales what information they should provide to prospects making the customer journey more meaningful, resulting in improved conversion and sales completion metrics.

Matillion enables us to be truly cloud-based and data-driven with its approach to data transformation that is purpose-built for Snowflake. Adam Skinner Chief Data & Technology Officer| Fitness & Lifestyle Group