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Founded in 2014, Knak enables marketers to create marketing campaigns in a codeless platform with full collaboration and scalability. Their team relies heavily on data to better understand their customers, track their sales targets, and understand the impact from marketing campaigns and investments.






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For Knak, business is good–the company has seen revenue skyrocket in the last three years, with 521 percent growth, and an increase in the volume of data they have access to. Growing at this phenomenal rate, Knak quickly found they had become too big to run analytics within Excel, but didn’t have the internal capabilities or resources to get their data where they needed it.

Knak needed a low-maintenance, easy-to-use, plug-and-play solution to centralize data in the cloud, ideally with minimal overhead or burden on their busy IT team.


With the help of their consultant, who specializes in maximizing the value of data for CMOs and CROs, Knak began developing a more robust analytics platform with dashboards that provide timely, reliable, and accurate reports. Matillion Data Loader was identified as an ideal solution to both move data from Marketo, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and MySQL into Snowflake and update it in an automated fashion. From there, Knak could create KPI dashboards to provide answers and insights as close to real time as possible.


  • Provided a fast and easy way to centralize and refresh data from multiple sources
  • Relieved strain on IT by enabling multiple users in the business to load and maintain data
  • Sped time to insight by helping to create analytics-ready datasets


Knak’s marketing dashboard has become a key component for the management team, enabling them to access and act on data as close to real time as possible. Leadership can now view data from multiple sources and formats holistically to truly understand prospect channels and behavior, sales conversion metrics, customer demographics, customer spend, and trends quarter over quarter.

And they can do so without having to worry about the tech that sits behind the numbers–they can focus on high-value initiatives. Near-real-time analytics and attainment metrics help Knak allocate resources, recruit sales reps by relevant geographies, and swiftly adjust paid advertising to align to market trends. Metrics backed by more robust data and analytics have helped Knak continue to shape its growing business with the right insight at the right time.

Deals close all the time and if you don't have accurate data, people start questioning why it's lagging. Without it being automated, we would have to pay someone to manually update the data. If it's not automated, it won't happen. Pierce Ujjainwalla CEO| Knack