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transforming data from >30 sources/day


Each division of the Yomiuri Shimbun group was siloed. Data was locked into individual systems and wasn’t systematically updated and shared within the company. This was limiting productivity, slowing decision-making, and harming customer experience.


With Matillion, Yomiuri Shimbun built a powerful, manageable, and cost-effective data infrastructure with over 100 pipelines working to collect, organize, and transform data from over 30 sources daily.


  • With all its processes integrated into one data platform, Yomiuri Shimbun can make the data-driven decisions it needs to grow as a group.
  • The group completed the build within its four-month deadline and can now use data across the organization to meet its strategic goals.
  • Gaining control over its data has given Yomiuri Shimbun the insight to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Better data delivered an increase of several hundred million JPY from digital ad sales.
  • Now on track to double the digital ad sales in 2023.
We built a powerful, manageable and cost-effective data infrastructure in a short period of time. Yusuke Sugisaki Digital Marketing Lead| The Yomiuri Shimbun Group