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From data-driven to data insights: TUI’s journey to the cloud

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The Challenge: Migrating to the cloud for faster analytics and reporting

As the largest tour operator and leisure company in the world, TUI wanted to use vast amounts of data to glean answers to important questions about business performance. But its data warehouse architecture was limited to one on-premises system supporting only one of its hotel brands. In addition

to being a partial data source, the existing system had long development cycles, in which it took weeks for developers to attach new data sources to the data warehouse and build complex business logic for analytics. TUI needed a more modern solution with a centralized, cloud-based data warehouse that included data from across all hotel brands.

The Solution: Using the power of the cloud for data transformation

TUI sought a cloud-native solution that would enable an ultra- scalable, fast, simple, and cost-effective modern data analytics tech stack. The company also needed a powerful ETL solution that could:

  • Consolidate multiple data sources, including Google Analytics, Salesforce, and third-party data such as currency exchange information
  • Orchestrate and schedule data loading and transformation for different source systems
  • Implement complex business logic and create parameterized, reusable shared jobs
  • TUI selected Matillion ETL for Snowflake to help it move to the cloud, aggregate data sources, and provide a flexible platform for data warehouse automation.
Matillion’s scalability and efficiency were a game-changer for our growing, global business. We immediately leveraged the power of the cloud and saw instant value from increased performance. In Matillion, we found a modern, flexible solution that enables true data insights, and is fun to work with because it’s so easy to use. Kai Wolfram Head of Analytics| TUI Group

Benefits: Leveraging data to keep up with the pace of business

Once TUI selected Snowflake and Matillion, the company was able to move initial data sets into the Snowflake cloud data warehouse within minutes. Matillion ETL’s built-in features and native technologies allowed TUI to have its first jobs in test within a couple of hours, and

running within one week. Matillion’s pre-built connectors allowed TUI developers to create data pipelines to multiple data sources quickly and easily.

TUI finds Matillion’s ELT approach (vs ETL) to be easy-to-maintain, expandable and stable, with a scalable data transformation platform for its cloud data warehouse solution. Since implementing Snowflake and Matillion, TUI has enabled teams across the business to answer more questions with data, faster, and have more confidence in the data behind those answers.

  • Received greater value for IT spend while mitigating risk
  • Reduced run-time for large project builds
  • Experienced ease of use among both technical and non-technical teams

What’s Next? Using Matillion to improve insight across the whole business

To increase access to and use of data to enable intelligent business decisions, TUI plans to move all of its systems, across all business units, to the cloud. With this expanded move to the cloud and to cloud-based data transformation, TUI hopes to achieve the same level of speed and insight across its other analytics departments.


  • Up and running within five minutes, with first jobs in test within hours
  • Processed volume of more than 150,000,000 rows per day
  • Achieved quick wins, with first results to the business in less than two days

About TUI Group

TUI Group, based in Hanover, is the largest integrated tourism group worldwide, operating six airlines across Europe, 380 hotels in more than 30 destinations and approximately 150 medium and long-haul aircraft. TUI serves more than 27 million customers in 180 destinations around the world, and employs over 70,000 people. The TUI Group is listed in the FTSE 100 index, the leading index of the London Stock Exchange, and in the German open market.