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Empowering a Self-service Data Culture

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Zero data-related down-time

Enabled “Data as a Product” across the organization

Raw data as an asset to data-led business decision making


With the demand for data metrics and analyses skyrocketing, Adaptavist wanted to provide their teams with access to data and enable them to manipulate it effectively. The bottleneck for data access needed to be eliminated to enable non-technical teams to work with data effortlessly. 


Adaptavist introduced their "Data as a Product" solution; a comprehensive package that grants access to raw data and enabled a self-serve data culture.

With the Adaptavist data-team providing governance, and ‘embedded data analysts’ in LOB teams across the organization, Matillion’s low-code/no-code interface allowed teams to swiftly transform data.


  • Streamlined data model refactoring, ensuring zero data-related downtime in the new production platform.
  • Embedded data analysts creating proof of concepts, enhancing idea exploration and decision-making across teams.
  • 10% of business users eager to adopt “Data as a Product” tools, greatly expanding data manipulation capabilities.