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Unlocking Customer Insights at Swish Maintenance

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Swish Maintenance

42%reduction in monthly customer churn

$100,000 revenue growth from re-engaging churned customers

Identified potential growth opportunities among their customer base


Following the implementation of Snowflake data warehouse, Swish Maintenance required an ETL solution that was easy to learn, capable of handling data extraction and transformation to optimize customer retention efforts.


Using Matillion for orchestration and transformation created a structured folder hierarchy (Ingest, Clean, Normalize, Integrate, Analyze) to move and manipulate data. This allowed data analysts to curate reports easily and empowered business users to create ad-hoc reports with clean, well-modeled data. Matillion features, including database queries, SQL server connectors, orchestration components, transformation tools, API integrations, and connectors for Magento and Google enabled versatility. 


  • 42% reduction in monthly customer churn rate.
  • Generated $100,000 in additional revenue showcasing the financial impact of their ETL solution, through the re-engagement of churned customers.
  • Possessing the ability to identify "at-risk" customers allowed Swish to focus on retention with a view to growing sales in the future.