Your data journey starts in the cloud

As a modern data-driven organization, your business understands the value of a cloud data warehouse. Google
BigQuery offers the speed, performance, and scalability required to handle the exponential growth in data volumes that
you are experiencing. Using the GCP ecosystem, you can build out an entire data analytics platform, with BigQuery at
the center, that takes full advantage of the power and economics of the cloud.

Get the most out of Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery has been optimized for ease of use so you can focus on data analytics. Accelerate insights by spending less time on data preparation and more time on data exploration. Matillion ETL for BigQuery has best practices baked-in and additional warehouse specific functionality to handle your data varieties such as semi-structured data, so you get the most out of BigQuery.

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  • Support for semi-structured data including flatten Structs (nested fields) and Arrays (repeated fields)
  • Alerting and notifications using GCP Pub/Sub
  • Best practices baked-into job runs for improved efficiency

"It's all in the Google ecosystem so integration with various offerings from Google is seamless. We can connect to various Google products with very little extra config."
Systems Administrator, Parkwood Holdings ltd

Your data, when and where you need it

Before you can reap the benefits and ROI of your Google BigQuery cloud data warehouse, you need to get your data there. Bringing your data into one place allows your business to quickly access it for business intelligence, reporting, visualization, and even predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery is purpose-built to work with your cloud data warehouse. You can migrate and continually load all of your data to make sure you always have the data you need, where and when you need it.

  • Load your data in just a few clicks to configure more than 70 pre-built data source connectors for files, cloud and on-premises databases, NoSQL, and applications

  • Use Create Your Own Connector to easily build custom connectors to any REST API source system

  • Automate your data loads by scheduling your data load jobs, so that your data is always there when you need it

See how you can quickly integrate your data with Google BigQuery and other cloud data solutions.

Learn how you can perform powerful transformations to make data useful for your teams and organization.

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Transform data points into data insights

Along your cloud journey, it’s not just about migrating to Google BigQuery, but using the power of the cloud to consolidate and transform your data sources to make better, more informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage. Matillion ETL instructs BigQuery to transform your data, leveraging the power, speed and scalable of the cloud.

  • Perform powerful transformations to prepare your data for consumption by data analytic tools

  • Simple transformation components can be combined to solve for complex business rules and needs

  • Write your transformed data back out to BigQuery so it is available to your authorized data users

A fully integrated solution

Launch Matillion ETL for BigQuery from GCP Marketplace to deploy the software within your existing cloud environment. With this deployment model, you can benefit from a fully integrated cloud solution, as a part of your cloud technology strategy.

  • Matillion ETL for BigQuery is delivered as a virtual machine image, meaning your data never leaves your environment

  • Consolidated billing on your GCP account

  • Works with your existing infrastructure for simple and scalable ETL for BigQuery


Matillion ETL comes with an extensive list of pre-built data source connectors for on-premises and cloud databases, SaaS applications, documents, NoSQL sources, and more to quickly load data into Google BigQuery. Matillion ETL also comes with the functionality to Create Your Own Connector to easily build custom connectors to any REST API source system.

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Develop solutions faster with Google BigQuery

Optimizing Google BigQuery

Optimizing Google BigQuery

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