ELT, a more modern ETL process

Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) process extracts data from the source, loads it unchanged into a target platform – such as a cloud data warehouse – and then transforms the data by harnessing the power of the cloud. Matillion’s ELT tool is optimized for the cloud and overcomes the challenges of legacy ETL solutions – such as complexity, inflexibility, low speed, and high cost.

Experience the difference of ELT vs. ETL

Purpose-built for cloud data warehouses, Matillion’s data transformation process is simple, fast, and affordable. Harnessing the power of the cloud, Matillion enables the ability to quickly transform data, using ELT, so you can gain insights from your data.

  • Quicker access to data

    With data transformed inside your cloud database, data is easy to audit and convenient to access immediately.

  • Greater flexibility

    ELT gives you the flexibility to apply transformations at a later stage when you’re ready.

  • Affordable scalability

    Matillion’s cloud ELT approach facilitates scalability in a cost-efficient manner when compared to legacy ETL tools, which require adding, and managing, the appropriate infrastructure to scale.

  • Reduce overhead

    Matillion’s intuitive user interface makes coding optional, significantly reducing the maintenance and overhead of hand-coding.

  • Accelerated transformations

    Data transformations in the cloud data warehouse take advantage of the infinite resources of the cloud and improve the speed of transformation.

  • Optimized for ELT

    With hundreds of pre-built components optimized for ELT data integration, building jobs is quick and easy, allowing you to specify SQL expressions that are compatible with target data warehouses.


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Matillion supports a modern ETL process

As a cloud-native tool, purpose-built to support leading cloud data warehouse environments – Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft Azure Synapse, – as well as Delta Lake on Databricks, Matillion supports the ELT approach, which lets you move data directly into your cloud platform and then perform the necessary data transformations. With no hardware or software requirements, Matillion leverages the performance and scale of the cloud, making complex data transformation fast, secure, and cost efficient.

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From ETL to ELT: The next generation of data integration success

From ETL to ELT: The next generation of data integration success

The rise of cloud computing in the realm of data warehouse has inspired changes to the traditional architectural principles of ETL. This ebook explains how a new approach, ELT, is unleashing unprecedented speed and capabilities for data-driven businesses.


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