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Webinar - AI. The Future of Data Engineering

With data teams under more pressure than ever to fuel analytics and AI initiatives, traditional data engineering practices fall short. Although the readiness for AI appears widespread, the most critical element, your data, lags behind. Enter augmented data engineering - empowering teams to smoothly integrate AI, boost productivity, and effectively handle complex unstructured data. This next-generation approach ensures your data not only catches up but excels as your business adopts AI.

In this highly anticipated Matillion AI Launch Event, we are proud to be leading the market in augmenting data engineering with AI. Get ready to experience our cutting-edge features that bring AI capabilities and support AI use cases in data integration.

During this immersive 90-minute event, you will hear from industry experts, product leaders, and customers who will share their experiences and insights, providing a deep dive into the world of AI-enhanced data engineering.

  • Hear from industry analysts on the ever-changing data engineering landscape and why Matillion is uniquely positioned to assist with AI.
  • Witness demonstrations of new features like auto-documentation, prompt components, and RAG components showcasing how to build, manage, and fine-tune data pipelines, for AI and analytics, at scale as well as produce your own secure and operationally sound AI applications.
  • Hear from customers with real-world examples of how they are using AI in data engineering to enhance their analytics, resulting in smarter business decisions and actionable insights.