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ALTR’s New Native Integration for the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud

Joint post co-authored by: James Beecham, founder and CEO, ALTR, and Laura Malins, VP of Product, Matillion

An emerging challenge for data and security teams is the lack of time for silos and collaboration. Data teams focus on terms like “quality, accuracy, and availability,” while security teams care about “confidentiality, integrity, and risk reduction.” Resulting in data teams wanting “real-time access” at the same time that security teams require “real-time security.” But both have the same goal: extracting maximum business value from the data. 

Integrated Security = Streamlined Value

Recognizing the shared goals, sharing tools and processes is necessary. Data and security teams need tools that have been built for speed and delivery. Combining the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud and ALTR’s Automated Data Access Governance and Security platform can be the solution. 

Integrated Data Stack

Figure 2 may look like a complicated data ecosystem, but it is actually not. Think about your own stack - this probably looks pretty familiar. That’s because you have a lot going on with the data in your business. What you should notice in this diagram is that Snowflake remains at the center, and everything else works around it. ALTR integrates and works with existing tools to deliver security, avoiding disruption or interference with your existing stack – BI tools, data apps and custom code.

ALTR Tokenization + Access Control + Real Time Alerting

The killer integration to solve for the shared responsibility of CDO and CISO is tokenization + access control + alerting. Ensuring privacy, security, and governance are all addressed with a single technology is the priority. Tokenization with access control, for integrated policy enforcement, can be achieved as a result. 

  • Data is classified and tagged from ingestion point
  • Data is automatically protected at ingestion point based on tag-based policy
  • RBAC and other Governance Access items configured once
  • Data lands in Snowflake ready to be queried according to policy. No SnowSQL. No SDLC. It just works.

Operationalize Tokenization + Access Control + Real Time Alerting on the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud 

Setting up is easy with ALTR’s integration for the Data Productivity Cloud, as it is natively integrated. Data is classified by ALTR in Matillion and then tokenized automatically, based on the classification tags in Snowflake. For example, if Social Security numbers are found during the classification process, columns are tagged with SSN, and if the policy requires that data be tokenized, it will happen automatically. This helps to satisfy data security requirements natively in your data pipeline. De-tokenization rules are based on the user and where the data is accessed from has no consequence. ALTR’s platform is applied regardless, because the data is in Snowflake in its tokenized form. Data teams appreciate this as they want to access the data as soon as it's available in Snowflake. Possessing tokenization + access control means both teams are getting what they need from the original invested tool sets. 

The data source the data originates from also has no consequence- whether it be RDS, Workday, SAP or Salesforce. The new data flowing into the pipeline is categorized, tagged and tokenized based on the pre-set policies around data types. That means whenever data teams want to add another data source, it will be secured.

Security teams continue to receive customized access history, which can be configured to alert when certain types of access occur. This access might be outside working hours, across many different data types, or a larger than normal request of sensitive data from a user or a role. The team can be certain that only appropriate access is occurring, and data teams know what guardrails they need to operate within.

This solution removes all the restrictions of migrating data by automatically doing the hard security requirements. Data teams benefit as they can stop thinking about security and focus on other data issues, like quality and continued migration.

Full tokenization plus policy integrated directly into your ETL pipeline regardless of the source – no one else makes securing your data migration this easy.