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Boost your data productivity – Migrate from legacy ETL to Matillion with Wipro Data Intelligence Suite

Data integration in the ‘Age of Digital’ requires ETL development to happen at the ‘Speed of Business’ rather than at ‘IT Speed.’ Companies have used ETL coding methods for decades to move, integrate and prepare data for analytics and reporting purposes. The rise of GUI-based applications made it even easier for companies to develop ETL pipelines, and the latest trend was further supported by the proliferation of open-source ETL languages and tools.

Challenges in Legacy ETL Migration

However, as companies are increasingly migrating their on-premises enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) to modern, cloud data platforms, such as Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, and Google BigQuery, they are realizing that their legacy ETL solutions and pipelines do not meet their needs – for speed, scalability, and integration with the latest advanced analytics technologies.  As a result, as companies seek to migrate their legacy EDWs to the cloud, they are finding it necessary to migrate their ETL pipelines to the cloud as well – to cloud-native data integration platforms like the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud.

Importance of Data Integration Layer

“The data integration layer is the important ‘glue’ between the user engagement apps in the EDGE and the systems of record at the CORE of IT landscape,” said Ganesh Arunasalam, the Senior Architect – Data and Analytics at Wipro, a leading technology services and consulting company focused on addressing their clients’ most complex digital transformation needs. “Application development for the ‘Experience Layer’ happens at the ‘Speed of Business’ while changes in Integration Layer move at IT Speed” 

Barriers to Migration:

Without the right support, migrating legacy ETL pipelines and solutions to a more modern cloud platform can be difficult and, in fact, be a blocker to the modernization of the data environment. Factors that prevent organizations from migrating their legacy ETL pipelines and limiting the productivity of their cloud data platforms include:

  • Lack of visibility and documentation on legacy ETL
  • Upgrading to new ETL tools is too risky
  • Absence of business-friendly self-service ETL development based on pre-defined data integration patterns
  • Emphasis on ETL patterns that integrate cloud-based apps, un/semi-structured data formats, NoSQL data stores with enterprise systems 

Solution: Wipro Data Intelligence Suite for Matillion

Wipro Data Intelligence Suite for MatillionWipro Data Intelligence Suite (WDIS) delivers an efficient, reliable path to modernize legacy ETL pipelines and solutions by automating their migration to Matillion, utilizing a set of AI/ML-infused accelerators. WDIS supports a variety of ETL migration methods in alignment with an enterprise’s strategy and business goals. It is a comprehensive migration solution that provides all the necessary technical requirements to convert from a wide array of legacy ETL-based tools to Matillion so that you can fast-track your cloud journey with minimal risks. 

Features of Wipro Data Intelligence Suite:

  • Understand the legacy ETL landscape and uncover the unknowns about the vast library of ETL pipelines running against your EDW or data lake
  • Scan the vast inventory of legacy ETL pipelines to uncover the lineage and source-to-target (Matillion) data flow
  • Convert the legacy ETL pipeline code (Functions, SQL Commands & Expressions used) to Matillion with a low-code / no-code approach
  • Automated Component detection, ETL Job creation and Conversion to Matillion Compatible Components  

Benefits of Wipro Data Intelligence Suite

  • Gain complete visibility into your organization’s large and complex ETL landscape 
  • Up to 25% SLA improvement by modernizing Legacy ETL workloads to Matillion
  • Up to 40-50% improvement in cost and time savings when transforming workflows 
  • Cut original ETL migration timeline objective by over 55-60 % 
  • Leverage existing code to parse and generate desired code to fast-track future development.
  • Improve the quality of code and reduce defects through automation (estimated defect reduction of over 50%).
  • Automated conversion and mitigated risks mean faster, less expensive transformations, giving you better time to market and ROI 
  • Be more productive with your data, faster with Matillion and Wipro

The Matillion Data Productivity Cloud allows data teams of all skill levels to deliver business-ready data through cloud-native ELT (data extract, load, and transform), helping turn raw data into useful information. The Wipro Data Intelligence Suite helps you get there faster.