Efficiency Unleashed: Get Started with Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud and the Future of ETL

Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud is a game-changing platform for modern data teams, focusing on accelerating data delivery and transforming the ETL process. Launched in July 2023, this fully SaaS platform is future-ready, everyone-ready, and AI-ready, enabling companies to automate data pipelines effortlessly, whether through coding, low-coding, or no-coding.

The platform stands out by simplifying and automating data movement, bridging the skills gap in data transformation, and efficiently handling pipeline orchestration at scale. At its core, PipelineOS powers the platform utilizing stateless microservice agents, ensuring scalable data flow with low costs and high performance.

With an intuitive design for coders and non-coders alike, AI-powered tools, and optional hybrid deployment for enhanced security, Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud is a pivotal tool for businesses aiming to optimize their data operations efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively.

To start with your own Data Productivity Cloud, create an account in the Matillion Hub.

Matillion Hub: the gateway to Matillion services

The Matillion Hub is the central command center for managing various administrative tasks such as user administration, billing, subscription management, and observability. As a registered customer in the Matillion Hub, this single platform also provides access to a comprehensive suite of services, including custom connectors and agents.

Go to Matillion's webpage and click "GET STARTED FOR FREE."

Follow the prompts to create an account. Your company email is mandatory for registration – personal emails won't cut it. For the quickest setup, opt to sign in with your Google or Microsoft account, and you won't have to create a new password. After agreeing to our standard terms and conditions, hit "SIGN UP."

Activate your account via the email sent to you. A hyperlink in the email will automatically sign you into the Matillion Hub, where you can complete your profile and begin experiencing the value of the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud.

Creating your profile involves providing essential details: First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Country, and optionally, a phone number. Specify your region to determine where your Matillion account will be established.

You may watch this short video on getting started at this point.

Use a Matillion trial Warehouse

The last screen in the account setup is the option to choose your target cloud data warehouse. The quickest and easiest path forward, at this stage, is to use a Matillion trial Warehouse.

The setup will be completed in less than two minutes, redirecting you to the Data Productivity Cloud Designer. Now you're primed and ready to harness Matillion's data productivity solutions!

All tasks within the designer interface revolve around creating and running pipelines.

Matillion Designer: the backbone of the Data Productivity Cloud

Matillion Designer empowers you to craft intricate ETL pipelines effortlessly. The user interface (UI) facilitates seamless pipeline creation, configuration, and management. 

Within the Data Productivity Cloud, there are two fundamental pipeline types: orchestration and transformation.

  • Orchestration pipelines manage data integration tasks, utilizing in-flow logic, scripting, and connectors that load data from source systems into the target data warehouse.
  • Transformation pipelines focus on manipulating table data within the target data warehouse. Transformation pipelines naturally often follow data loading via an orchestration pipeline.

In the Designer UI, the Pipelines pane categorizes each pipeline with icons: a blue 'O' for orchestration and a green 'T' for transformation. It also allows you to organize pipelines logically within folders.

Pipelines consist of logical sequences of task-specific components. These building blocks are designed for either orchestration or transformation pipelines and cannot cross over. Components, configured within pipelines using Matillion Designer, form the basis for executing tasks such as data loading or transformation.

  • Orchestration components focus on task and resource management, including data loading, workflow logic, and command-and-control.
  • Transformation components mirror SQL operations, including data joining, data standardization and cleansing, and simple or complex data calculations.

As you will see, Matillion's approach centers on pragmatic pipeline design, facilitating efficient workflow execution for enhanced data productivity.

All new users embark on a credit-based trial free for 14 days.