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Matillion Emerald Partner Network Awards Celebrate Excellence in Data Engineering

We are excited to announce this year’s Matillion Emerald Partner Network Award winners, celebrating excellence in data engineering and beyond!

We created the awards to acknowledge and celebrate partners' pivotal role in advancing the data engineering ecosystem, bridging the gap between vendors and organizations seeking to maximize data productivity at a time when it couldn’t be more important.

Recognizing Excellence Across the Globe

The 2024 Matillion Emerald Partner Network Awards showcase outstanding contributions from partners across different regions across the globe, with winners in various categories demonstrating excellence, innovation, and a commitment to Matillion's core values. 

Jason Small, CEO, Kipi said: "We're honored to win Americas Partner of the Year - Enterprise Award. By harnessing the power of Matillion's data productivity platform and combining it with's innovative analytics capabilities, we've empowered organizations to unlock the full potential of their data, driving informed decision-making and sustainable growth. The Kipi-Matillion alliance highlights the power of partnership and our shared commitment to deliver value to the industries we serve." 

Here’s the full list of winners:

  • APAC Partner of the Year - Interworks
  • UK Partner of the Year - Snap Analytics
  • EMEA Partner of the Year - Infomotion
  • Americas SI Rising Star of the Year - Armeta
  • ROW SI Rising Star of the Year - in516ht
  • Content Maverick of the Year - phData
  • GSI Partner of the Year - Slalom
  • Americas Partner of the Year - Commercial - One Six
  • Americas Partner of the Year - Enterprise - Kipi
  • LATAM Partner of the Year - Datateam
  • Matillion SI Partner of the Year - SDG Group
  • Americas Technology Alliance Partner of the Year - Sigma
  • EMEA Technology Alliance Partner of the Year - Thoughtspot
  • Matillion Global Technology Alliance Partner of the Year - Snowflake
  • Global Cloud Partner of the Year - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Core Values

The awards also highlighted partners who embody Matillion's core values in a new category of awards introduced just this year.

Jerice O’Malley, Head Of Business Development and Sales, Amplify said: "We’re honored to receive the Matillion Partner Emerald Award for "Bias for Action.” We take great pride in working with urgency in all that we do, especially in support of our Matillion AE partners to move deals forward. 

“Proactive sales plays and unique go-to-market events that speak to customer pain points are key to our shared success. With a continued focus on Matillion + Snowflake, we're excited and feel well-positioned to keep leading the charge in helping clients build a proper foundation for analytical architecture to scale and grow."

  • Confidence without Arrogance - Saracus
  • Work with Integrity - Converge
  • Customer Obsessed - Interworks 
  • Innovate and Demand Quality - Hakkoda
  • Bias for Action - Amplify
  • Care about Our People and Our Communities - Billigence

Partner Champions

The recognition didn't stop with organizational accolades. We also honored individuals as Partner Champions, acknowledging their exceptional personal contributions.

Partner Champion award-winner Dan Greenberg, Sr. Principal Delivery, Slalom, said: “I am deeply honored to receive the prestigious Matillion Emerald Award. Many factors impact my tool recommendations as a consultant but rarely does a week go by without discussing Matillion with a client. 

“When I think of Matillion, I immediately think of its unparalleled proficiency in creating reusable metadata-driven ingestion patterns. Of course, Matillion has an innumerable array of impressive features, but I typically start my client conversations discussing how they are ingesting their data before moving on to their transformation needs.

“I am so excited to see the evolution from Matillion ETL to the Data Productivity Cloud and all the exciting new GenAI features it brings.”

  • Paul Middlewick, Interworks
  • Chris Hastie, Interworks
  • Klemen Logar, in516ht
  • Dan Greenberg, Slalom (Dan now works at Spaulding Ridge)
  • Damien Van Steenberge, Codex Consulting
  • Rob Sandberg, Hakkoda

Fostering a Stronger Data Community

Matillion's commitment to recognizing and celebrating partner excellence emphasizes the importance of collaboration, innovation, and a shared dedication to the core values that define Matillion. 

As the data engineering landscape continues to evolve, these partnerships are vital in driving industry advancements and ensuring organizations harness the full potential of their data.

In a world where data is king, partnerships forged with confidence, integrity, and customer obsession become the backbone of success. Matillion's awards not only acknowledge achievements but inspire a collective commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in data engineering.

The Matillion Emerald Partner Network Awards stand as a testament to the strength of collaboration, the pursuit of excellence, and the shared vision of a data-driven future. Congratulations to all the winners and champions for their outstanding contributions to the data engineering ecosystem. Your dedication paves the way for continued innovation and growth in this dynamic industry.

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