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Matillioners using Matillion: Alice Tilles' Journey with Matillion & ThoughtSpot


In the constantly evolving landscape of data analytics, Matillion's data analyst, Alice Tilles, has played a pivotal role in reshaping how marketing data is handled within the company. Stepping into uncharted territory, Alice recounts her early days at Matillion, where marketing data was relegated to messy Excel spreadsheets without a dedicated owner.

Upon joining Matillion, Alice found herself facing the challenge of providing meaningful metrics to stakeholders. The lack of data integrity accountability before her arrival meant that extracting actionable insights was no small task. Alice's first hurdle was untangling the web of siloed data, a daily routine of exporting lists, performing complex data manipulations, and creating repeatable reports.

Alice recognized that Matillion, itself, could solve much of her issues, coupled with a ThoughtSpot license and admin privileges. Initially skeptical about her minimal SQL knowledge to leverage Matillion's ETL capabilities, she soon discovered that Matillion was much more user-intuitive than she first thought and she was up and running quickly. 

The introduction of Matillion to her workflow was instantly transformative. Custom business logic could be embedded to simplify stakeholder queries, eliminating the need for repetitive filters. Test data and duplicates were automatically excluded, streamlining reporting processes. Matillion's ability to merge objects and perform advanced data transformations allowed Alice to transcend limitations, offering insights into campaign impact, ROI calculation, and comprehensive journey tracking from lead to opportunity.

The efficiency gains were substantial. Matillion's drag-and-drop visual workflow and auto-documentation features empowered Alice to take ownership of data without bureaucratic hurdles. With ThoughtSpot, the entire marketing and sales data landscape was consolidated, eliminating the need to navigate multiple platforms.

One of Alice's highlights was the newfound ability to collaborate seamlessly with other departments, such as finance and product marketing. The integration of pre-approved fields and embedded business logic ensured that data shared between departments was accurate and aligned.

Reflecting on the workflow improvements, Alice emphasized the newfound autonomy in her role. No longer reliant on submitting tickets, she embraced a more agile approach, working in sprints. ThoughtSpot's user-friendly interface empowered her team to create their reports, allowing Alice to focus on complex analyses rather than basic filtering.

Alice's journey with Matillion showcases the transformative power of cutting-edge tools in the hands of a skilled data analyst. As the company evolves, her pioneering work sets the stage for a future where data analytics seamlessly integrates with business operations, offering unparalleled insights and efficiency.

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