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The Rise of the Data Productivity Cloud

Gartner Challenge

Initial stage challenges reported by practitioners: Within their first year of deployment, Matillion practitioners struggle more than expected with environment administration, DevOps platform integration and training their developers adequately. Also, there seems to be a limited customer awareness around product documentation, and the support customer experience varies (some are appreciative, while some are not).

Data Productivity Cloud

Gartner’s review of Matillion in 2023 was focused on the METL product, and not the Data Productivity Cloud. The introduction of Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud was primarily positioned around two key struggles that users found in Matillion’s existing METL product: Deployment and Ease-of-use. By moving Matillion to the cloud, the dependency on cloud infrastructure knowledge is removed and the barrier of entry becomes far smaller. An added focus on coding frameworks and more low-code options has opened the door to a larger audience of users in both usability and functionality. 

The Data Productivity Cloud is ultimately the future of data integration platforms, and Matillion’s primary focus going forward. As innovation accelerates, so too does the list of features made available to our users. Data Lineage and AI capabilities are only a small subset of the upcoming additions recently added to the platform.

Hybrid-SaaS Deployment

At the core of the new product is a hybrid deployment, enabling any organization to get started with Matillion. The new solution is run virtually in containerized agents, which provides data users with the ability to run multiple projects in parallel with enhanced processing speeds. Another benefit of running a SaaS ELT platform is in updates, bug fixes, and enhancements being delivered on the fly. It is no longer necessary to have to patch or upgrade software fully, in order to properly operate.  

While there will always be situations where an on-premise deployment is preferred, the capability of running Matillion in the cloud has long been sought-after and with Data Productivity Cloud, the capability is delivered. 

10 Minutes to WOW

With ease-of-use paramount, getting started quickly is at the top of the list. Matillion’s goal was to create a platform that would enable users to create an account, connect their cloud platform, and find value in under ten minutes. In the Data Productivity Cloud, data practitioners of all skill-sets and capabilities can create an account and begin running data pipelines quickly. 


Enhanced UI

As always, Matillion is constantly looking to improve the user experience based on customer and market feedback. A new and improved UI unites the platform for both usability and functionality, placing the tools you need at your fingertips. With data loading, data transformation, and orchestration clearly defined, Matillion users are able to be more productive in the platform than ever before. Also included in the new UI is direct links to documentation relating to that specific feature, making it more accessible than ever before. 

A Platform Improved in Every Way

The Data Productivity Cloud marks a new era in Matillion’s class-leading data integration platform. The new world of Matillion is more focused on ease-of-use and practicality for the data practitioner, whether that is an entry-level data analyst or a tenured engineer. The Data Productivity Cloud puts the data at the fingertips of the business as a whole by providing a hybrid deployment architecture, simplicity in data loading, and the ultimate blend of low and high coding functionality for every data task. 

This blog is the first of a two-part mini-series. Please find part two here.  

Ryder Zgabay
Ryder Zgabay

Senior Product Marketing Manager