Transforming IT Helpdesk Efficiency with AI at Matillion

The world of technology is constantly changing. Staying ahead in providing efficient and timely IT support is crucial for any business. This blog will explain how we faced the challenge head-on, transforming our IT helpdesk from a traditional query processing unit into an AI-powered hub of productivity and efficiency.

This journey wasn't just about adopting new technology but more about reimagining how we support our employees and enhance our operational workflows.

The Challenge: Streamlining Hundreds of Weekly Queries

Matillions IT helpdesk is the frontline of employee support, handling a significant volume of inquiries on a daily basis. The range of queries is vast, from technical glitches to guidance on company policies.

Over time, we've developed extensive employee guides, policies, and knowledge base articles. The challenge? Making this treasure trove of information directly accessible in a user-friendly manner.

The Search for a Solution: Enter AI

We explored several avenues to expose this information effectively. ChatGPT Enterprise initially seemed like an obvious choice due to its ease of crafting GPTs. However, the requirement for every user to have a ChatGPT Enterprise account posed limitations due to cost. Also, the interface was restricted to a web Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Our quest didn't end there. We experimented with direct REST API calls between Slack and OpenAI. This approach worked to an extent but faced hurdles with maintaining conversation context, leading to a less-than-ideal user experience.

The Game-Changer: Custom AI Integration

Our breakthrough came with a custom API broker integration, which allowed us to build a custom bot tailored to our needs. This solution enabled us to select the right model on the OpenAI Playground, overcoming the cost barriers associated with ChatGPT Enterprise by moving to a consumption-based model. More importantly, it allowed us to integrate seamlessly within the familiar UI of Slack.

We furnished the bot with our internal policies and documentation, enabling it to retrieve and augment information in real-time. Deploying it into specific help channels in our core workspace was a breeze, taking less than 5 minutes to set up with our initial files.

The Impact: A Leap in Productivity and Efficiency

The impact of our AI-powered helpdesk bot was immediate. We witnessed a significant reduction in low-level ticket volume and an increase in ticket deflection. Employees now have instant access to the information they need right within Slack without requiring direct human intervention for routine queries. However, it’s essential to note that there is always an option for human interaction. The helpdesk team can utilize the bot in the backend to assist with answers, enhancing efficiency while maintaining the personalized touch when necessary. 

Encouraged by this success, we've since developed and deployed bots across other departments in the business, each tailored to meet the specific needs of those teams. This initiative has not only improved our IT helpdesk's efficiency but has also set a new standard for internal support across the company. Additionally, we refined the tone of voice and communication style to match that of Matillion, ensuring a seamless experience for our employees. 

Looking Ahead: AI at the Heart of Business Innovation

Matillion's internal journey with AI is just beginning. The success of our IT helpdesk transformation has opened new avenues for innovation across Matillion. By leveraging AI, we're not just solving immediate problems; we're rethinking how we operate, serve our employees, and drive productivity in every corner of our business.

In a world where technology evolves at breakneck speed, our commitment to using AI to enhance our operations has positioned us as a forward-thinking leader. For us, AI is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for continuous improvement and innovation.

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Graeme Cantu-Park
Graeme Cantu-Park


Graeme Cantu-Park is an Information Security expert with experience in multiple sectors, including e-commerce, FinTec, and software. Graeme serves as the CISO at Matillion, a provider of data transformation software for cloud data warehouses.