Data transformation solutions for the cloud

Take advantage of your cloud data warehouse investment to make data transformation a more modern and streamlined process. With Matillion ETL, purpose-built to support individual cloud data warehouse environments, you can easily transform your raw data to gain critical business insights.

Reduce time to value

See a faster time to value with your data transformation tools with our intuitive user interface and the ability to harness the massive parallel processing power of the cloud.

Achieve greater scalability

Scale your data transformation efforts to help fuel your business growth. Quickly transform your data for analytics by taking advantage of the near infinite processing power of the cloud.

Gain flexibility

Extract and load raw data from your data lake or other source systems and transform that data as and when needed by your business intelligence tools.

Streamline data preparation

Perform powerful transformations in less time by automatically generating documentation for your ETL process. Matillion lets you recursively search your jobs and include all job details including linked notes and descriptions.

Improve data security

Deploy within the virtual environment of your cloud data warehouse. Maintain control and ownership of your data at all times to ensure data security and the ability to meet company and industry security requirements.

Solve for complex business rules

Combine simple transformation components and make it easy to solve for complex business rules and needs.

Make data more accessible

Make your data available to your authorized data users so they can mine the data for insights by writing your transformed data back out to your cloud data warehouse or data lake.

Reduce costs and resources

Flexible pricing models ranging from pay-as-you-go and hourly pricing to Enterprise contract models to ensure we meet your data transformation and ETL needs.

Transform your data from raw sources to powerful insights

Purpose-built for the cloud, Matillion lets you migrate and transform your data for analytics within your cloud data warehouse for greater simplicity and speed.

Embark on a modern data transformation strategy

Cloud data warehouses have changed the way your business stores its data – and they can also change the way you transform your data. When you use a cloud-native tool for data transformation, all the advantages you achieved by moving to a cloud data warehouse – simplicity, speed, scalability, and savings – can be further realized in the data transformation process.

Eliminate unnecessary steps in the data transformation process when you make the switch to a cloud-based ETL strategy. The traditional ETL process is slower and much more cumbersome due to the infrastructure required to support and maintain and the limitations on processing capabilities.

Modernize your ETL process to speed data transformation

In a modern variation of ETL, Extract and Load – the ‘E’ and ‘L’ portion of ELT – are done in one move straight to the target data platform. Transformations are then applied from within your cloud data warehouse. This process removes the intermediate step of needing to run transformations prior to loading and streamlines the data transformation process –making it faster and simpler to transform raw data into a data analytics-ready state.

Avoid the time-intensive and resource-heavy transformation process that is required when using a legacy on-premise ETL tool by using a cloud-native approach. Additionally, a cloud-native data transformation tool lets you tap into the scalability of the cloud, giving you access to unlimited autoscalability within seconds rather than requiring you to install and configure new hardware every time you need to scale as your business grows.

Reap the benefits of cloud-native data transformation

For any enterprise with a cloud data warehouse strategy, your focus should be on this more modern approach – ELT. From managing increasingly large volumes of data to having multiple sources to extract from and leverage for transformation, data transformation can be a difficult task. But, when you tap into the power of the cloud and employ a modern ELT approach to data transformation, you can take advantage of the economics, scale, and performance capabilities of the cloud to realize more value from your cloud data warehouse investment and to get up to date, intelligent insights almost instantly.

Simplify data source integration

Matillion ETL includes native integrations with 70+ data sources including on-premises and cloud data warehouses, cloud applications, files, and more to support migrating data into your cloud data warehouse. REST API also allows the ability to customize integration with additional data sources.

Matillion then leverages the capabilities of modern cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure Synapse, and Snowflake to transform your various data sources into meaningful insights with speed and simplicity.


Webinar: ETL vs. ELT – What’s the big difference?

This webinar takes a look at the traditional ETL approach and the associated challenges and then explores the innovative ways in which ELT overcomes these issues. You’ll have the opportunity to walk through a comprehensive demonstration of three common ETL/ELT patterns with our solutions architect and learn more about how employing an ELT approach can benefit your cloud data warehousing strategy.

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