Don’t just migrate. Transform.

Use Matillion ETL software to not only load valuable business data into your cloud data warehouse, but also transform this data in the cloud to unlock hidden insights within your business.

Easily extract and load data from multiple data sources

Matillion ETL software supports numerous data source connectors enabling the ability to easily extract data from frequently used data sources and easily load into a cloud data warehouse.

  • Select from over 70 different data source connectors
  • Use the REST API to support custom data source integrations
  • Native support for Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake to enable value and benefits of each cloud platform

Gain access to hidden insights to drive your business

Drive business growth and innovation by unlocking new insights with Matillion’s leading data transformation capabilities.

  • Perform powerful transformations to prepare your data for consumption by leading data analytics tools, including Tableau, Looker and others
  • Select from over 30 transformation components including Filter, Join, Aggregate, Calculator, Rank, Table Input/Output, and many more
  • Take advantage of resource capacity by scheduling data orchestration jobs to run when resources are available
  • Visually orchestrate sophisticated data workflows with an intuitive GUI. No SQL coding required

Support complex infrastructure and security requirements

IT environments are inherently complex, particularly for growing businesses. Because Matillion’s ETL software is purpose-built to support individual cloud data warehouse environments, deployments can be customized to meet your company’s unique infrastructure and security needs.

  • Reduce time to value as data teams learn and use the tool in hours vs. days

  • Select from a variety of instance sizes and configurations

  • Meet company and industry security requirements by deploying within your unique virtual cloud data warehouse environment

Embrace the power, speed, performance,
and economics of the cloud

Matillion ETL software is native to the cloud, using the full power and potential that the cloud has to offer. Matillion's ETL product supports all major cloud data warehouses, including Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and Snowflake.

  • Process data quickly by running multiple ETL jobs concurrently, in your cloud, with Multiple Environment Connections

  • Validate output from your data sources by sampling data in real time

  • Choose from flexible pricing: pay-as-you-go or consumption-based models to support larger scale deployments

How it works

Matillion ETL software integrates with over 70 data source connectors, loads this data into the cloud data warehouse, and then performs transformations necessary in order to make data consumable by analytics tools such as Looker, Tableau, Power BI, and more.

Purpose-built ETL software for cloud data warehouses

Matillion is purpose-built for cloud data warehouses, enabling customers to take advantage of the speed, scale, performance, and economics of the cloud.

Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift »

Matillion ETL software for Amazon Redshift is purpose-built for Amazon Redshift and Amazon Web Services for fast, scalable, and efficient data querying.

  • Takes advantage of massively parallel processing (MPP)
  • Support for Amazon Redshift Spectrum and Amazon S3 components
  • Alerting and notifications using AWS SNS and SQS
  • Different instance sizes to best meet your needs

Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery »

Matillion ETL software for Google Big Query works with Google Cloud Services and multiple data sources.

  • Load data from dozens of sources, including common databases and APIs, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Facebook, and more
  • Support for other Google Cloud services including Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, DataStudio, and more
  • Transform data to enable machine learning solutions that are optimized for Google BigQuery
  • Different instance sizes to best meet your needs

Matillion ETL for Snowflake »

Matillion ETL software for Snowflake lets you easily load structured and semi-structured data into Snowflake.

  • Leverage Snowflake’s separate compute and storage resources for rapid transformation
  • Product trial launches directly from the Snowflake Partner Connect portal
  • Support for Snowflake-specific features, such as Alter Warehouse and Flatten Variant, Object or Array
  • Built-in scheduler ensures that Snowflake tables are updated at convenient time intervals

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