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Transforming Data for Informed Decision-Making

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Improved decision-making across multiple departments

Created a centralized data warehouse

Facilitated self-service business intelligence


Chaos needed to effectively analyze data from their subscription management platform, Zuora. Combining the data with other sources would inform and strengthen decision-making across the business. 


Utilizing Matillion enabled their data team to centralize data from multiple sources into Snowflake. Approximately 80% of the data warehouse is now structured as views, ensuring up-to-date data availability and allowing agile adjustments for numerous business use cases.


  • Chaos enabled self-service BI where multiple business departments can consume and analyze accurate data from one central repository.
  • Transparent and timely reporting to facilitate performance tracking of KPIs across sales, marketing, finance and customer success functions.
  • Accurate insights on the performance of discount rates to support a partner program restructure.
  • By intelligently combining product telemetry data with subscription data, the financial performance of a new offering could be efficiently tracked.