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Revolutionizing Data Management with NHS Greater Manchester

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Full data traceability through a data cataloging

Improved operational efficiency and patient care

Efficient outcomes for complex cases, improving care pathways


NHS Greater Manchester needed to meet exponentially increasing demand for health data whilst maintaining a strategic focus and operational readiness. 

They needed to migrate from on-premise infrastructure and deploy a modern data stack to ensure partners received the most valuable information and patients received the best care. The main challenges were incorporating the speed needed for reporting, and how they connected data to explore relationships and produce the output required for analysis.


By off-loading on-premise processes and adopting a cloud-first data model, they smoothly transitioned to Snowflake. With the automation of reusable pipelines, combined with Snowflake and Tableau integration, and Matillion's low development time, they maximized metadata usage and revolutionized their data relationship.


  • A data-driven approach to the challenge of allocating hospital beds improved operational efficiency and patient care.
  • Efficient outcomes for complex cases, improving care pathways. 
  • Enhanced data management eliminated interruptions.
  • A data catalog populated with metadata offers strong audit capabilities, ensuring data traceability from raw data to final output.
  • Hundreds of reports generated daily, weekly, and monthly. 
  • Dynamic and replicable flows for onboarding diverse data sets. 
  • Parameterization and automated processes.
  • Eliminated manual dependencies.