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Leocare deploys a modern data approach to provide a seamless experience to clients

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The Challenge: building a modern stack for data-driven insurance

Founded in France in 2017, Leocare is a mobile insurance provider that guarantees rates 25%  cheaper than its market competitors. As a relatively young company with big growth ambitions,  Leocare wanted to update its data stack with a platform that could provide the data-driven  insights needed to help it scale.  

All of this would require a complete data transformation, so Leocare began to look at ways to  overhaul its existing approach to analytics.

Leocare is a fast-growing company, with the aim to put the data in the center to provide the best customer experience and help the management to take the most accurate decisions very quickly. We really wanted to reduce the time it takes to put data to work, increase data quality, make sure that everyone in the company had  access to the same version of the truth, and create a 360-degree view of our customers. Aymeric Veron Head of Data| Leocare

The Solution: a modern solution with Matillion at its heart

Working with Matillion consultant partner Actinvision, Leocare set about building its new data  stack, knowing that it had to meet certain specifications set by Aymeric and his team. A large  part of the solution would be finding a way to easily load data from a variety of sources into  the company’s data cloud, and quickly transform that data so Leocare could conduct analytics  at scale and speed. 

“I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to create new components to get to my data, and I knew  Matillion’s connectors would work really well in that sense,” Aymeric says. “I also wanted to  limit any development or coding requirements from our end, so we could work faster and not  have to rely on people with technical skills to put our data to work.” 

Leocare conducted an MVP with Matillion in April of 2022, and it met Aymeric’s expectations  perfectly. The company now uses Matillion ETL’s connectors to find and extract data from a  variety of sources, including Google ads, partner data, and Leocare’s homemade systems. The  data is then ingested into Snowflake’s data cloud before it’s sent to Tableau where users can  access vital dashboards and visualizations. 

Matillion is a huge time saver for us. The most costly part of a process like this is getting data from an API. You often have volume issues or authentication issues, and connectors will always change. With Matillion, I know all of that is taken care of for me. Aymeric Veron Head of Data| Leocare

The Benefits: speed, accuracy, and automation

In the first four months of using Matillion, Leocare was able to execute four new data use cases,  using its rapid access to accurate data to monitor customer contracts, send actionable data  straight to its marketing automation tool, check compliance, and ensure consistency across its  database.  

The new data stack has provided a world of benefits including simplified working for the  company’s data teams, faster time to insight, and a single source of truth for all users. And,  perhaps above all, Aymeric claims the quality of the company’s data has improved threefold.  

“The fact I don’t have to manually launch and monitor our scheduling every day is a huge benefit,”  says Aymeric. “Matillion’s connectors lower my workload by at least ten percent and because  they’re so reliable we can meet our SLAs with 99.999% accuracy.” 

The platform’s simplicity has had a profound impact on Leocare too, with no-code capabilities  enabling data teams to work in tandem with the business to change processes together. And the  fact the platform is hosted in the cloud makes data sharing and collaboration easy and fast. 

Ultimately, each of these elements has combined to have an astounding impact on the  company’s data performance – with new insights affecting partners, customers, and employees  alike.

These data efficiencies have all translated into concrete business benefits, too. The company  has improved its communication with investors, with easy access to all the relevant information  needed to carry out specific analysis for them.  

Its claims management department is now able to provide a better level of data-driven service to  customers, too. And it can detect patterns that help marketing teams provide the right offers to  customers at the right time – while attracting new ones as well. 

Similarly, Leocare’s digital product team now has the insight needed to understand user  interactions and experiment with new features – all without the support of specialist data teams  thanks to Matillion’s simple, no-code interface.

Working with Matillion has reduced the time it takes for us to produce KPIs and insights by 90%,” Aymeric adds. “Where I used to have to connect to a website, download data, write code, and run Tableau, that whole process is now automated and takes roughly three minutes. Aymeric Veron Head of Data| Leocare

What’s next?

Leocare is still in the early stages of its Matillion journey, but going forward the company plans  to use its new, modern stack to fuel data science activities. These activities will provide insight  into customers that allow the company to anticipate needs, proactively take advantage of  upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and create bespoke warranties tailored to individual  clients.


  • 3 x improvement in data quality.
  • Can produce KPIs 90% faster.
  • Drastically reduced the manual effort required of the data teams.
Matillion provides us with reliability regarding data quality and data delivery, and that allows us to generate confidence in what we do. In the eyes of our founders, it is and will continue to be one of the key factors in delivering value. Aymeric Veron Head of Data| Leocare

About Leocare

Founded in France in 2017, Leocare is an insurance provider that strives to give its  customers personalized services and the best prices in a competitive industry. The  company guarantees rates 25% cheaper than competitors and provides live claim tracking  and easy policy adjustment solely through its mobile app – which is currently the highest  rated insurance app in the apple and android store.