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Ask an SA: The Most FAQs about Matillion ETL Answered

Since launching in 2015, Matillion ETL has been used to provide faster time to value and increase data innovation for a wide range of users and across many industries. And as the number of users on our platform continues to increase, we see a handful of questions that always come up when data professionals evaluate and onboard Matillion ETL.


Typical Matillion ETL questions:

  • Can orchestration jobs run parallelized?
  • If we can do everything with a data warehouse, why do we need Matillion?
  • What is a Matillion environment?
  • Can I script inside of Matillion ETL?
  • Can I use Python to perform data transformations?

Take a look at our two videos to find the answers to these frequently asked questions that may give you some insight into how much more you can do using Matillion ETL.


Matillion ETL Community: Ask questions, learn from your peers, share your experience

The Matillion ETL Community is a great forum to share and experience the innovation and expertise of our users. Now, you can get your most pressing questions answered by your peers or Matillioners and engage in high-value discussions about real-life scenarios.

Join our community for user groups, product feedback, and submit your ideas to our Ideas Portal which may find its way into a product release!

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